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  1. when I attempt to edit video in my Roxio creator nxt 2 I get a message video wave stopped working and the program shuts off. how can I correct this problem
  2. i am using creator nxt 2 i have maybe 20 mins worth of pictures to which i want to add music to. i clicked on add music and the first song was placed on track no problem. i need to add a few more songs to complete the picture dc I'm making. in the previous roxio's 5, 6, 7,9 i click add music and it ask if i want it added on to the music thats there and i click yes and it adds it on. then i can edit it if needed. now with creator nxt2. i click on add music and it a box pops up that reads "can not add audio at this position" i have tried moving the cursor or the bar that moves along the time line but i still get the same box. "can not add audio at this position"
  3. what can't i add music to my photo slide show when i do it in video wave. i add one song then when i try to add another i get a box saying i "can not add audio at this position." i have creator nxt2 i never had this problem with roxie before. and can't seem to get any help. is it time to cut and run to another product or can someone help me