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  1. Which I will gladly do, thank you. So I should download the highest quality but not-hd, right? Also, are you familiar with keepvid.com? That is what I use to download videos.
  2. Would that actually stop it from being blurry? Another user said I'm confusing resolution with sharpness, and no matter what I do it will be blurry.
  3. Gladly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94Uie7UCdOU#t=507
  4. I downloaded it off of youtube, which also has crappy quality. Are you suggesting that if I convert it to these specifications the resolution will be better?
  5. Thank you sir. The resolution is 320x240 (wXh) The bitrate is 96kbps
  6. Thank you for the responses. So apologies for my next noob question: What is the point of options in video conversion which say "higher quality" or "high definition" ? If it doesn't actually improve the quality of the video, what is the point?
  7. Thank you for your response. So what if the video is of average quality? And how can make poor quality videos better?
  8. Hello, First, I am well aware that Roxio allows conversion to HD. The only thing is... It does not end up HD. It sure increases the file size tremendously, no doubt about that, but it doesn't actually seem to improve the quality of the video. If the original video is blurry, the new HD file is still blurry. So my question is, while it is possible to convert ordinary video files into HD video files, is there anything I can do to actually improve the quality of the video in terms of viewing experience? Apologies if this is an easy/noob question.