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  1. Brendon- Thank you for the information.
  2. I remember, back in the old days, you need to run a micro-program from within Roxio just to discover the attached drives before you could even use the product. I probably even have those early versions stored in a box in the garage somewhere. Thanks again for your time.
  3. Of course! It was in the directions! Initially, I was RDPing into my home PC. I did try again using TeamViewer. Maybe RDP was causing an issue...
  4. Not seeing how to attach another photo here, but there are 2 new "icons" (really objects) on my desktop showing the Audio CD (drive E) and blank CD (drive F) asking me what I want to do. OK, just re-opened the NXT 2 Pro and the drives are now populated. I didn't do a thing (except wait and type out these messages- oh, and create an avatar for the forum) since I last tried. Hmm. Thank you for the help, again. Any chance you could explain to me what ws in that patch, and why I needed it (and possibly why it isn't included in the s/w)? Charlie
  5. Yes, all of them. A tad more info, not sure if it's relevant, I installed the program on my D (secondary) drive, not C.
  6. cdanteek I found your post under the Creator 10 forum and just followed it, exactly. It ran, I restarted, but the issue still exists. I see you have been very thorough with others in the past, and I appreciate your efforts. Can you suggest any next steps? A little more info- I had Creator Pro 2010 installed and had tried your solution. When it didn't work, I purchased NXT 2 Pro (for its Win8 compatibility). I did the uninstall of 2010 before installing NXT 2. Thank youvery much. Charlie T.
  7. BTW - I have 2 internal and 1 external drives attached.
  8. As I see no search option in the forum, I am sorry I am asking a question that I am sure has been answered several (if not more) times already. I am getting the following error when opening up any drive based option in NXT 2 Pro: no drive detected (see attached photo) Please help as I am EXTREMELY frustrated by the complete lack of phone support by Corel/Roxio. Thanks. CT