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    Toast 11 Wrong Cd And Track Names

    got it thank you sir!
  2. pwrlogic

    Toast 11 Wrong Cd And Track Names

    hey thank you for that response. the disc i burned in toast is also showing up with the wrong name on the mac desktop. I deleted the toast plist file, that made the gacenote dialog appear when i opened the playlist i want to burn. so i think the problem is how toasts connects to gracenote and being able to disable that function. after not naming the disc with gracenot the disc is titled audio cd and the tracks are titled just track, which is fine for me as long as they don't have the wrong names showing up in itunes. when i put the discs in a car cd i hope they have the right disc info on them. thanks!
  3. pwrlogic

    Toast 11 Wrong Cd And Track Names

    when i burn a cd in toast titanium 11 it gives the wrong cd name and the wrong track names on the disk when i open the disk in itunes it's all wrong. I just burned fifty disks and they are all f#$ked up what kind of Bull is this What the hell is going on can some one please help