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  1. I'm sorry I haven't replied...been away for a few days. I should clarify that I'm not looking to recover the actual files, these have been archived to DVD and I have access to everything. What I am looking for is a program to open and run the project files that Roxio Creator produced and were saved as (for example) "family_photos.ROXIO" These project files automatically select the files and folders that I want to back up on DVD. Will Easy CD and DVD Burning do this???
  2. I can't tell you any more. All I want to know is whether "Easy CD & DVD" with read/write these Roxio *.ROXIO project files. That's all I want to do...I don't need picture or video creating/editing software or anything else. I've searched theRoxio knowledge base and this is my last option.
  3. Yes, they are saved project files! I can't open them because I don't have the software! This is how they look in the latest W8.1. If the required software had been installed, the Roxio burning disc logo would appear next to each file. I want to get software that would enable me to continue with the existing project files rather than have to try to build new onesfrom scratch with a different software. Thanks
  4. My Windows Vista based laptop died completely and I now have a new one running Windows 8.1. My old laptop came with Roxio Creator pre-installed and I have around 10 back-up files with .ROXIO extensions which I'd like to keep on using but I don't want all the bells & whistles that come with the latest versions. Will Easy CD let me run these old back-up files and erase/write the DVDs I burned using Creator on my old laptop? Ken