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  1. I think my best bet at this point is to just return it to Amazon for a full refund. I emailed them and they said only once they would do this because of my displeasure. I think I'll just gather some money and get an Elgato. I really appreciate all the help. Thanks
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding. By "fine" at the time, I thought that this distortion and everything was just how the capture device was supposed to be. Now I look at these videos and mine doesn't look nearly as good as these even when their videos are in a larger picture. But of course the laptop looked just about the same as mine but without a lot of odd colors of pictures being mixed together(I think you know if you've seen my past topic with the picture) but that was solved from the nvidia settings. There's still everything that I've described in the last post with both computers.
  3. I tested it yesterday, as well as a year ago and it was the same as it's always been. A lot of distortion blurriness, and pixelation, and a green pixelated glow from images that are most red. Although I can only tell if it's in a larger window(half to full screen). Obviously the smaller window, the more condensed this stuff is so the less you can see it. Is any more information needed?
  4. The results were the same by the way. When was day 1? Nearly a year ago. It was in June.
  5. Tested it on my Dad's laptop which meets the requirements as well and is possibly a bit better than mine. Here are my (important) specs just in case: AMD Athlon II X2 215 Processor Nvidia GeForce GT 630 2 GB DDR3 2x2 GB DDR3 RAM It's funny because I've been searching and searching over the internet for this problem and haven't found a single thing. Ever since day 1 I've actually had this green glow... As well as a lot of pixelation and distortion.
  6. Okay, so everything's the same but the files save now. Still doesn't work properly but I'm fine with that. My only problem now is that there's a green glow around certain colored objects. How would I remove this? Edit: Only with red.
  7. No, nothing has changed. But I have seen a video before to change Nvidia GPU settings which worked for me before but the quality was still terrible(like 240p) and there were occasional bumps in the recording. Right now I'm just trying to get to why there's no signal before I hit Capture but works when I do hit Capture but the video doesn't really process I guess I should say.
  8. Hi. It's been nearly a year since I've purchased this and am unsatisfied but today I decided to try it out again after seeing a video to reverse the In and Out cables which... kind of worked. Everything is plugged in correctly(well, besides the reversal) but there's no signal. But if I click "Capture Screen", my xbox screen actually pops up in the display picture with movement and all with better quality than I've ever had before with no... mixing of colors or just extremely bad quality(which I had with the normal setup before). The catch is that when I hit "Capture Screen", it stays in the black and gray "pushed in" position and I can't do anything. The capture storage size does increase though but to close this, I have to go into Task Manager and end the task. The file is there in my library but won't go into the editor or any editor really. I have tried reinstalling with a new cable but that didn't solve anything. Here is a picture that I just found on google images of what my screen looked like before I tried any of this:
  9. Peter5498

    Blurred Capture Screen

    I had eventually tested it on my father's HP laptop and the software works great. I appreciate all of your help on this issue, thanks!
  10. Peter5498

    Blurred Capture Screen

    I'm a bit puzzled right now. As you can see, DirectX 11 shows up on my desktop when I type in "dxdiag" along with the laptop. I'm not sure if this means much since I'm not as skilled when it comes to these things and my guess is that I need a physical graphics card for this, correct?
  11. Peter5498

    Blurred Capture Screen

    HP Pavilion a3417c 2009 AMD Athlon™ II X2 215 Processor 2.7 GHz RAM: 4.0 GB(3.75 GB usable) OS: Windows 7 64-bit Integrated Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 I do not believe that this system supports DirectX 9.0c and I have researched this PC quite a bit and putting a graphics card in it may not be optional. My best bet is probably my other laptop if that will support it. I have many options actually computer-wise. If the software is capable of being brought over from PC to PC by USB, then it may be an option. Dell Inspiron mini 1012 Processor: Intel® Atom™ CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz 1.67 Ghz Ram: 1 GB OS: Windows 7 Starter 32-bit Graphics: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator3150 If all fails, I may have to use my dad's laptop. And you're sure this is the problem? I really appreciate this help that you have offered and I would appreciate a bit more if you or anyone else is open for it. Thanks, Peter
  12. Hello! I'm rather new here to these forums but I'm in desperate need with a problem that my Roxio Game Capture(Standard) is in need of. I had just gotten the hardware today, have installed the software, and have everything set up including the component cable that is used for an HD TV. Everything is set while the Xbox 360 screen resolution is 720p and this must be fine since I have the component cable, yes? Now, when I go into the "Capture" page, everything seems alright, hence the blurred/graphically odd capture screen. It looks like the picture I will post but it's continuous and the graphics change in an odd way. It's hard to explain, yet I'm sure many people have had this problem. I believe that the problem with mine is that my PC is rather old and doesn't contain an actual graphics card, it's an integrated graphics card meaning that it's just a chip on the motherboard. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section, I'm a bit new here. If anybody could help me with this problem, that would be great! Thanks, Peter