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    Capture Problem!? Can You Help Me?

    I think so I'm still looking for a solution and I'll probably find one It is very possible that a Video Card update has done this... I'll check it out! thanks for your help

    Capture Problem!? Can You Help Me?

    When you say ''Pass Through'' what do you mean exactly?

    Capture Problem!? Can You Help Me?

    So! I have a Roxio gamecapture HD PRO and it used to work perfectly well and suddenly everything goes wrong! I haven't change anything on my computer since I have my Roxio, I removed and re installed the program several time and still can't fixed it I tried all the tips that were suggested to me in the FAQ, but still not working.... So if anybody have the answer, please post it so I can see it I'll put a picture of my problem so you see what i'm dealing with.... THANKS! When I watch what i recorded, the clip goes in slow motion, sometimes it goes really fast to really slow, there is a lot of lags [green bars like the colour bars while i record] and more! I don't think it's my computer because it was working fine, maybe it's a wire (even if they're in perfect conditions) or it's just the roxio itself... anyway thats it