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  1. Toast 14 blu ray not working

  2. Ken90068

    Blu-Ray/hd Burning Not Working With Os X 10.10.5

    I found a "bug" that is causing Toast to not encode or burn blu-ray discs. I tried burning two 1080p HD clips, one source was 30fps, the other 29.97fps. The 30fps burned and played perfectly. The 29.97 clip was skipping frames, freezing. I used Wondershare Video Converter and converted the 29.97 HD clip to 30fps. Voila! Toast burned a perfect blu ray copy. Not sure why this is happening. My HD source videos have always been at 29.97fps and didn't have this problem. Going to be a lot of work to convert weeks of videos to 30fps to work with Toast 14 blu ray.
  3. Ken90068

    Toast 14 Titanium With Os X El Capitan.

    Toast 14 isn't even working with OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite update released on 8/22). It will not burn blu-ray disks. Roxio said they do not yet have an update for 10.10.5, so don't expect them to be ready with El Capitan. Update at your own risk.
  4. Ken90068

    Blu-Ray/hd Burning Not Working With Os X 10.10.5

    Tried making an ISO with MyDVD while on the phone with tech support. Another blu-ray coaster for my stack. With Toast 12 the blu-rays were just jerky and would freeze. With Toast 14, multiple blu ray players throw up an error message, "Can't Load Disk." I have also emptied the Roxio Converted Files folder and re-encoded everything. Burns are the same, useless.
  5. I don't know if anybody else is experiencing this, but since Aug 22 when Apple released OS X 10.10.5, Toast 14 will not burn blu ray or HD disks. The burned disks freeze, jiggle, and are unwatchable. I have been dealing with tech support for two days and they cannot fix the issue. They said to wait for an update. Nice. I use the program to create blu-ray DVDs for my work, and now I am out of business. If you have Toast of any version, and OS X, do not update to 10.10.5 or you will regret it.
  6. Ken90068

    Encoding Time

    I have been trying to burn a blu ray disc, and the encode is still going after 6 DAYS (only 92% complete). This is absurd. I have a new iMac running Mavericks, 2.7 Ghz intel Core i5, 16gb ram. Toast is up-to-date, Mavericks is up to date. I was hoping to watch this DVD 5 days ago, looks like MAYBE tomorrow if it finishes the last 8% of encoding and takes several hours to burn.