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    Playback Of Production

    Let me first say that I really appreciate you responding so quickly to my post. I did this very same thing back in 2008 when doing a video with no problem. Of course I've since then gotten a new computer and had to upgrade my Roxio product for this project. (actually bought the new product to be compatible with the new computer) When I put in a commercial DVD on my TV I do see it in full screen on the TV with no problems. I did start the production in standard mode as you suggested, but what I don't understand is the term (overscanning). I just scanned a bunch of pictures in JPEG format and added them to the production and while previewing them they all were OK when playing back until I discovered the TV mode and found the pictures did not fit that screen. I'm getting under the gun on this as I need to have this ready for the 10th of August. It would help of you could explain what 'overscanning' is. Again, thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Ms Savon

    Playback Of Production

    I am playing it on a flat screen 53inch. I did run across the TV Safe Zone and saw that all of my panels were over the zone. Is there a way to fix that globally as I have about 98 panels. One other question, if I show this on a wall instead of through the TV will I get the whole picture? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  3. Ms Savon

    Playback Of Production

    I am using Roxio Creator NXT
  4. My problem is after I burn the production to DVD or Video CD it does not play on the TV correctly. The Panels are cut off and don't display completely. How do I get the full picture of the production on the TV screen?