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    Sd2F Issue

    still can't i use another mac to open also same issue.
  2. cuorekid

    Sd2F Issue

    OK thanks later i try and see
  3. cuorekid

    Sd2F Issue

    i try mutiple way is till same ... i can mount no issue. Can play also but all the track merge into one track example : the CD i backup got Track 01 Track 02 Track 02 but now i mount only have one Track 01 (all the 3 Track merge into one) hope someone can help i pain to split one by one thanks
  4. cuorekid

    Sd2F Issue

    Hi, I having problem with S2DF file previously i backup all my Audio CD using toast titanium 10 and save it to external hard drive. That time i using MAC OSX 10.6 after my mac mini faulty i get another mac mini also running on MAC OSX 10.6 i install back my toast titanium 10 when i mount my S2DF found all the audio cd merge into a single AUDIO TRACK. any solution on this issue. thanks ...