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  1. I paid 45 dollars and bought Photoshop 6 and installed the desktop version. The problems I am facing are: 1. While editing my show on the desktop version, the program crashes the moment I click on any photo - to move it, or edit etc. Works fine on other tabs, but this one tab (photos), it crashes! Therefore I am editing my show on the online version, which works fine. 2. In order to download my photoshow in the video format, I need to use the desktop version, as you cannot do that through online version. While downloading, the program crashes again! It's frustrating.... Help I need: 1. I bought it only 2 days back. How can I ask for a refund? Whom to email? Not finding it online. 2. Any ideas how I can resolve these issues - specially the second issue (downloading)... Thanks Joy.Joseph1984@gmail.com India