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  1. Hi all, Got a prompt to upgrade to the new version tonight so I did, the software launches fine, however everytime I click capture i get a prompt for install and an error, The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable., its looking for Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.msi I tried using this one from the CD but get this error - E:\GAMEHD_1X\Roxio Game Capture HD PRO.msi is not a valid installation product (thats using the one from the CD) Everything was working fine before the update
  2. DzRBaM

    Show Us Your Captures

    Only just got back into gaming after a long hiatus, so still getting my aim back and map knowledge etc, but heres my first cap
  3. DzRBaM

    Need Help No Tv Output

    Does your TV support HDCP? Check if your TV is manually set to a certain resolution
  4. Hi all, Got a question I can't seem to find on the forums, I know we can only record 1080p at 30fps, however does that apply to the passthrough aswell? or is that 60fps? Xbox One > Roxio Game Cap HD Pro > Laptop Xbox One > Roxio Game Cap HD Pro > TV Will I see 60fps on the TV
  5. DzRBaM

    Roxio Causes Input Lag And Unclear Graphics

    The tingle doesn't come from the xbox one, it comes from the AV ports on the Roxio game capture. Sorry should have made it more clear. Its only when you touch the AV ports themselves on the Roxio, been reading alot more threads on here, guess it happens for alot of people due to live currents from HDMI
  6. DzRBaM

    Roxio Causes Input Lag And Unclear Graphics

    Xbone only has 720 and 1080. Also I'm getting a small little shock from the AV ports when it's running, went to move it slightly and just felt a small tingle from the AV ports. I'm guessing this is because it's live etc, but anyone able to confirm why, friend who also has one has the same issue.
  7. DzRBaM

    Roxio Causes Input Lag And Unclear Graphics

    I kind of feel stupid, however when I set it up I did not put the TV in game mode, moved to game mode and back to normal, however I have ran into 1 more issue. Everything works fine if I set my xbox one to be 720p in the xbox options, if I set it to 1080p it works fine, until I turn the xbox off and then try turn it back on, I get no display what so ever, I have to unplug the hdmi and run xbox directly to the tv and set it to be 720 so roxio will allow the TV to get a signal any ideas here?
  8. Hi all, Picked up a Roxio gamecap hd Pro and it records fine no issues, however on my TV it creates input lag, no where near as fast movement as if xbone was plugged directly into the TV. Also on COD, just looking at the graphics and the ammo count etc, the writing is a little blurry. IS there any way to fix this? I was under the impression the hdmi was just a passthrough so should not create significant input lag
  9. DzRBaM

    Questions Before Purchase

    Wow arent you rude!!! The i7 2.2 would have more power than the dual at 2.3, its plain stupid to think it wouldnt. If the laptop doesnt play it, then il buy another.
  10. DzRBaM

    Questions Before Purchase

    Why, it states Dual Core at 2.3ghz, This I7 is 2.2 at Quad Core with turbo of 3.1 GHz, which for me would give better performance then dual at 2.3
  11. DzRBaM

    Questions Before Purchase

    Im not so worried about the CPU more the Integrated Graphics, worth a shot anyway
  12. DzRBaM

    Questions Before Purchase

    Thanks for the reply, Would this laptop run it Asus X53E-SX167V Notebook Spec i7 2670QM @ 2.2Ghz 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz 15 Inch 1366x768 res 750GB HDD Integrated 1b graphics
  13. DzRBaM

    Questions Before Purchase

    Hi All, Im looking at buying a Roxio Capture HD Pro, however have a few questions first, Currently I have Sony 50w800b, PS4, xbone, samsung sound bar, TB xp4 1. Do I need to swtich the hdmi cable each time I want to change from PS4 to Xbone? 2. I run hdmi audio to the TV and to soundbar via arc and optical to px4 - How would the roxio pickup the audio if im using px4? 3. I know there is a 2 sec delay on the pc/laptop, however does the roxio introduce any input lag to the TV? 4. Is a laptop enough to power the roxio?