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  1. Vale, me encargare de revisar los cables, lo que pasa es que a la que se mueve un poco el cable que va hacia el PC, es como si dejara de detectar la Roxio... Será un problema de el cable USB?
  2. Mire! He conseguido grabar, moviendo el cable de lado a lado... Pero ahora, me sale de vez en cuando una ralla en medio de la pantalla, y el sonido de hace grave y al rato vuelve a sonar normal... ¿Por que suceden estas cosas? Le dejo un vídeo que he grabado: http://youtu.be/yEgDAhLzuPE
  3. Ah, por cierto, lo siento por usar el traductor
  4. Pues mire, a mi me salen esas líneas sólo en el PC, cuando yo miro la TV, esas líneas no están.. Y lo que subí a YouTube, fue grabado con la capturadora desde vuestro software oficial no se porqué salen esas líneas..
  5. My things to record: From the Xbox to the capture from the capture to the TV, from the capture and sack a USB cable to the PC. And when I'm recording, the capture shows me those lines on the TV are not, while in the PC, when I look at what the capture shows I get the lines, so it's no TV, no cable I have no idea ..., I have a good PC, that's not the problem ... Another thing! If I move the USB cable from the capture, I get "No Signal" in green, and then I stop working ... Roxio Game Capture not understand anything, I hope you can help me;)
  6. Look, I bought this capture, and has never given me problems, now after a period of disuse, I've got the serial and the program. But now what I get is this: I detected the signal, but I get many lines, I tried to change the video mode from 480i to 1080i, I changed from PC mode NTSC_M to PAL_B and all modes and every time I change so the lines are different, piero still there ... the console cable is HDTV ... I leave a video shot in what happens to me ... the audio works perfectly. Hope for help me. Thank you. video: http://youtu.be/dPRfQoGSpQg
  7. JuanMp3

    Help Me Please!

    Hello, I make this post for someone to do to me ... I lost my CD that came with the capture card, and now I have no Serial or the Software, and I need ... I'm willing to talk to a manager and give my invoice to tell me my serial and let me download the software, but nobody listens to me. Someone help me with this?
  8. JuanMp3

    Help Please No Signal

    And i lost the CD, i have the bill... I contact with administrator, but no reply me... Please, i need the official software, i have the bill
  9. JuanMp3

    Help Please No Signal

    Black Screen, and ocasional Blue Screen and shot down my PC
  10. Hi, I have a Roxio Game Capture, and I want to record, but when I go to a program and I get the black screen capture. The console is well configured. And, sometimes, I get a green screen and when it happens 1 second capture clears itself. I need a solution!