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  1. WillD

    Live Screen Capture Audio

    Hi Gus. The User Manual for Toast 12 Titanium under Toast Extras on page 17 states, "The Pro version of Toast Titanium includes a number of additional applications ... Optionally installed by the installer, they can easily be accessed from the Toast Extras menu". I didn't see the optional install offered from my installer but I have the standard Toast 12 Titanium and not Pro. You might try rerunning the Pro installer and see if you can spot the optional install of the Extras.
  2. WillD

    Live Screen Capture Audio

    I found a workaround using the free Soundflower application by Cycling 74. This program adds "soundflower" input and output audio devices to OS X. From System Preferences > Sound, I was able to select "soundflower (2ch)" as my default input and output sound devices. I then performed a Live Screen Capture using Toast 12. Although I couldn't hear the sound while the live screen capture was taking place, the audio was recorded with the video and has none of the noise that occurs when using the microphone input with Toast. http://cycling74.com/products/soundflower/
  3. WillD

    Live Screen Capture Audio

    Thank you for the suggestion, philolog. I did try the capture-from-the-web feature, but it doesn't seem to recognize the particular video i am trying to capture. I can capture other web videos with this feature, so I suspect the problem is with the F4F fragments in which this particular video is packaged.
  4. WillD

    Live Screen Capture Audio

    When I do a Live Screen Capture the resulting movie is wonderful, but the audio is very muffled and hard to hear. I presume that is because I have the Microphone input box checked, and the audio is being recorded through my display microphone which is not placed near my speakers. What is the best way to get good audio when using live screen capture? Is there a way to route the audio directly to Toast without having to go through the microphone which picks up external noise? My real goal is to capture a flash web video composed of F4F fragments. The Toast Capture Web Video capability doesn't appear to recognize this format (system requirements show only FLV and F4V). As I stated above, the Live Screen Capture video turned out just fine, but I can't find a way to grab audio without going from speaker to microphone which adds noise. The Toast 11 utility Spin Doctor had a way to capture audio from a currently running application, but if a similar capability exists in Live Screen Capture, I can't find it.
  5. WillD

    Live Video Capture

    Strange. I just purchased Toast 12 Titanium (3385), and my Extras menu has DiscCatalogMaker, Roxio Video Player, and Live Screen Capture. All three are in my Toast 12 Titanium folder.