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  1. Hi I have a

    • Roxio Creator 9 [xxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx] and it has always worked well. The orher day it stopped reconizing blank CD's when I put them in the CD drive. It says please insert a CD. I un-installed everything and re-installed the program. It reconized the install CD and installed the program again on my Dell desktop model Dimension 8400 using windows XP but when I put a blank cd in again nothing happened. Can anyone help me trouble shoot for me. I am a reporter and have to save everything to a disc. Thanks.

    Removed your CD Key

  2. I have NO Idea what happened to my reply....so I'll try it again. I use memorex CD-RW disc and have for years no problems. I tried using CD-R but they didn't work. I save the images as a Jpeg when the save icon comes up I save it into the Blank Disc and I can see the images in the disc as I have it opened up. I use Roxio Creator 9.0. But when I take the disc out using the proper way and I put it back in there comes an error. It says that it can't find files and that it may be currupted.

    • Hi I own the program Roxio Creator 9 [REMOVED SERIAL NUMBER] and I have been having problems saving images to discs. I use the Easy Creator and I see the images on the disc while it's in my Dell but once I take it out and put it back in it says it can't read it and that it must be currupted. I'm a photographer and I always copy my pictures to a disc using this program but half the time once i take the blank CD-RW out I can't access the pictures. Sometimes it works and sometimes I can't reload the files on the disc. Thanks for any help. JJ