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  1. Larry McCarthy


    I am having difficulty utilizing the AVCHD in other projects. The AVCHD works fine in my military history project, but not in the McCarthy Family History projects (I have 2 of them). For whatever reason the AVCHD is NOT available in the drop down menu when I select the McCarthy Family History projects. The best I've been able to produce is the second attachment. Properties of your source files: they are jpeg photos reduced in size via PowerPoint.I am using NXT7 Pro and the Blu-ray plugin.Output format is to file.I use the "both" settings as opposed to NTSC or PAL.I have been in contact with COREL Support. I have reloaded the NXT7 Pro and the Blu-ray plugin.V/rLarry McCarthyLTC, USA, Ret.
  2. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    Jim Hardin, After much searching, I decided to uninstall the Creator NXT 2 software and return to my older software, Creator 2011. In this version of the software there is an option for a "New CineMagic Movie." Once you load your slides you are prompted to inject a "Menu Style" that literally loads on the Timeline. You can remove the corporate soundtrack that comes with the Menu Style. Apparently, I pursued that option and simply did not remember how I'd accomplished it! The droplet in this instance picks up the first 5 slides and projects them into the ovals created by the droplet of water hitting the pool. It's the exact effect I wanted. I want to apologize to all concerned for the assistance they rendered. Your comments and suggestions kept me "on point" looking for an answer. I don't believe the "CineMagic" option exists in Creator NXT 2. Since I've uninstalled it from my computer, I can't look to review that option. v/r Larry McCarthy
  3. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    Jim Hardin, Got the part about the she wolf - left mine in Oklahoma. Yes, I knew you were joking. According to what I can make out of the download information on my computer, I did download Content. I tried to post an attachment of the dmsm file and the system would not allow "that type" of attachment. So, as "myguggi" suggested I saved the file as a txt file and still could not post it. I've attached a screen shot showing the content checked on my download. I can view the old "Production 1.dmsm" file with the droplet, but I swear to you I never got it as far as creating a video file. Larry
  4. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    myguggi, Unfortunately, when I downloaded Creator NXT 2 I was directed to uninstall C2011. What I have left is a video file. Larry
  5. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    Jim, When I go to the page you've shown there are 6 selections under Menu Style. Droplet is not one of them. Is it possible you have the professional program? Larry
  6. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    Jim, I live in Overland Park, KS. I'm really not trying to stump anyone. I had a Videowave open with all of my slides posted for a draft project. The "Droplet" was loaded as an effect in my Videowave production. I had not made a DVD as yet. However, before I could produce a DVD I had to create a "video file." I took the screen shot (posted) from the Video file. I was having some difficulty loading my background audio in the Videowave prior to creating the Video file. I was clearly making a mess of things. So, I decided to upgrade to Creator NXT 2. In order to load NXT 2 I had to uninstall Creator 2011. So, I have no way of showing anyone the Droplet in my old Videowave. Larry
  7. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    Thanks to all that responded. WHERE in the "Effects Selector" is "droplet" found? I cannot find it. v/r Larry
  8. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    Jim, Thanks for responding. Attached is a JPEG of the "Dew Drop" in water. I really like this effect. Can't find it in Creator NXT 2. Larry McCarthy
  9. Larry McCarthy

    Dew Drop In Videowave

    I created a production in Videowave using Creator 2011. "Somehow" I manged to have my first 5 slides appear in a "Dew Drop" into water. I really liked the effect. I upgraded to Creator NXT 2 and cannot find this particular effect. Is it available in NXT 2? Has anyone else experienced this issue?