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  1. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    thank you sknis , I will try that and then post
  2. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    Hello Brendon , I deleted both windvd pro 11 and roxio creator 9 using windows add and uninstall program from control panel. and I reinstalled creator 9 but still come to that screen when I go ahead and play a pre recorder store bought dvd movie. Sincerely Rich. P.S. I will try revo uninstaller next and see if that helps . this is just bugging me I bought this program and it has worked well for years now this just another way to make me buy a new computer .
  3. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    my program is still listed on this site under my name
  4. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    Brendon, is there a program or something that should use to clean the old files out maybe windvd put file in reg. the windo that now pops up wants you to activate that program the screen tells you to go to the roxio site activation and enter this long number and then get reply from the site and enter that into my program to get to work. Far as my program gooes it's had many of years of work should I post a photo of that screen
  5. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    Hello Brendon, I bought the full verison years ago on a cd from my local office depot and far as that other program that install but was a trial one Windvd pro11
  6. radiorich

    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    hello Guys, I am having a siminlar problem
  7. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    my computer uses xp
  8. radiorich

    Roxio Creator 9 Suite

    Hello Guys, I have had been running my Roxio creator 9 suite for years and the other day I turned on my computer to watch a movie and it would not play it wanted me to activate it aand my program has been activated for years and working just fine but I did something last moth was to install the new windvd 16 I think was and it expired wondering if thats the reason a screen comesup to activate my roxio suite and says to do it on line or got to and put in this no. . when I do a error comes up. should I blow windvd out and start fresh with my roxio suite