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  1. I am getting "Error writing image to hard drive, make sure you have at least 2.7GB of free space..". I have looked at previous posts on this bug in the software, and can already tell you I have at least 50GB of free space on every drive, about 4TB of free space on the PC, yes I have emptied recycle bin, defraged, run checkdisk for errors, etc. There is some bug in the software on this where it is trying to write to some odd location it should not be. I cannot locate a setting to even point to a fast place to cache (I have to Solid State Drives available in addition to normal SATA ones). System is Windows 8.1 Pro, 16GB RAM, 64 bit. I have been able to copy many DVDs but about every 4-5 it hangs up with this error. No, the DVDs are not copy-protected; they are ones I made with Creator from my video. The DVDs play fine, indicating no error reading, this is some cache problem. Any thoughts?
  2. Question to Roxio...is there any way to get some technician from Roxio to look at this software bug, as obviously multiple users are having the issue? Rade Musulin
  3. When opening a website which wants to play a Windows Media Player Clip (for example a .asf) dialog boxes open saying Roxio CinePlayer is installing. Part way through the install it reprots that a temp install folder cannot be located then stops. After this closes Windows Media Player will not play the requested clip. The temp folder it is looking for is CINEPLAYER_5X. I have tried manually creating such a folder but then it wants some msi files like CP.MSI and CPDP.MSI. I have had several versions of Roxio Easy Media Creator going back to EMC 7, including EMC 8, EMC 9, and now Roxio 2009. I have even tried buying the standalone version of CinePlayer to try to install/uninstall with no success. Does Roxio have a tool that will purge my system of CinePlayer? Does anyone have an idea of how to stop the system from trying to install this program when I open media clips? I really do not even want to use it, but this aborted install problem is fouling up my ability to run other multi-media on my computer. Thanks.
  4. OzGator

    iTunes Incompatability with EMC9

    In a previous post "EMC9 no longer recognizes CD/DVD Burner Drive, EMC9 gives "No Drive Detected"; Drive is there in Vista", I identified an issue where EMC9 would no longer recognize its CD/DVD Drive. At the time I did not know what caused the problem, but now I have determined that the issue is caused when iTunes is installed after EMC9 using Vista. I believe the problem is that iTunes adds an entry to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} in the registry for a GEAR driver in "Upper Filters". This seems to cause EMC9 to stop recognizing the DC/DVD drive. The only workaround I have found is to edit the registry to remove this entry and then run a patch from Roxio: http://docs.sonic.com/support/px/pxengine2_08_40d.exe. My question for the forum is whether anyone else has had this problem, which only seems to occur under Vista, and if there is an easier fix then the registry editing/patch. Does Roxio know of any incompatability with this GEAR driver? Deleting this registry entry does cause problems with iTunes, in that it can no longer burn CDs.
  5. OzGator

    EMC9 no longer recognizes CD/DVD Burner Drive

    Thank you, this did resolve the problem. If anyone else has it and has a missing DVD Drive in Vista, I was only able to get my DVD Drive to work in Vista again after performing the registry edits outlined in this MS Knowledge Base article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/...14060#appliesto I had to delete these registry keys, reboot the PC to get the DVD Drive working, then run the patch noted in the post here for EMC9, then reboot again. I noticed that one of the entries in the registry referred to a driver from an outfit called "GEAR Software" that makes DVD movies; perhaps something installed that driver which started the problem. The patch provided in this post was also essential; the registry key fix alone did not get EMC9 working again.
  6. OzGator

    EMC9 no longer recognizes CD/DVD Burner Drive

    Not a good idea to run that program. Now the CD/DVD Drive has disappeared from Windows altogether. I cannot see it in Explorer, and all I get in the Device Manager is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".
  7. EMC9 has stopped recognizing the CD/DVD Burner Drive on my machine. It shows up in Explorer no problem, and Vista can write files to CD/DVD blank disks without difficulty. I can also insert discs and read them without any trouble in Wondows. The program was able to read the DVD burner and write to it several weeks ago, but something has changed. I have only applied normal MS Updates from Windows Update and upgraded the iTunes. I uninstalled and reinstalled EMC9 without effect, plus I uninstalled the Drag-to-Disc. Any postings on what can make EMC9 simply lose the drive even when it is there? I am running a Dell GX620 with an nVidia GeForce 7900 series card, Sony DRU-800a DVD burner, Windows Vista Untilate with all patches applied, and the full retail version of EMC9. Thank you.
  8. I am very sympathetic to Roxio dealing with Beta software. I, too, have been Beta Testing Vista for some time and have been a long time Roxio customer of Easy CD Cereator and its decendants. I bought V9 strictly based on the comment on Roxio's web site that it worked with Vista. I installed it and have had lots of problems, and it hangs up and will not run. I am very upset at Roxio because I once again checked the website just now and the link from roxio.com's home page still takes you to a page that says V9 has "Microsoft® Windows Vista™ compatibility". RC1 has been out for several weeks, and this thread proves that Roxio knows very well that V9 will not run with Vista RC1. Roxio should post a statement on the website immediately that V9 is not compatible with Vista and stop falsely advertising that it is. Again, I have no problem with software bugs, just a failure to correct the website that leads people to buy a program that does not work.