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  1. I just purchased Roxio Creator NXT 6 Pro for 64-bit Windows 7 only to find the Gracenote music identification service is limited to 2 tracks per request. There are notes in the forums indicating the bug has been present since NXT 2. Is there any plan to fix this?
  2. Roxio Creator 2012 doesn't recognize the CODEC inside m4a (Apple ACC) files. The proper CODEC is available in the system but Roxio doesn't find it. Is there some way to update the audio file types Creator 2012 recognizes?
  3. I am using Music Disk Creator. The CODEC in the problem music files is mpeg dash and Roxio doesn't recognize it. I can convert it to mp3 but Roxio should be able to handle the CODEC. Does anyone know if another version of Roxio handles this CODEC?