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    Reinstalling Roxio Photoshow Premium

    to guru, thanks a million. junie v
  2. hi all, i had a computer breakdown and lost my roxio photoshow premium, and all my shows. how can i reinstall this software. i have about 9 months left on my upgrade. thanks, junie v
  3. thank you very much Digital Guru. may I ask another question here? is there a way I can make a slideshow on video wave and export it to my photoshow program. I have the premium and love to add the stickers? junie
  4. I would like to know, how many photos I can use on my slideshow in nxt 2 software, and also on nxt pro 2 spftware without adding the Premium. junie v
  5. i i wouI would like to know, if I purchase creator nxt 2 from an outside source, will I get the same one time installation or activation support? junie v
  6. I made a slideshow. finished it and clicked done. page opened and gave me choices, post to my member page, done. post and link, export video file, and post and e-mail, this is the one I always click. then it downloads, and then I get an e-mail that it is ready to send. the slideshow does not download, and I get a message it has failed to download, error code 403. thanks, grace
  7. sorry, I did not intend to hijack anyone. I have done everything I know to find out what to do. problem, I own creator 2011, ( and I've had the previous 2010 with no problems) I cannot post and e-mail my slideshow. i get this message, slideshow failed to upload, error code 403. no one seems to find the answer. can you help me? thankis , grace
  8. this is not a reply, i do not know where to go for my problem....creator 2011, post and e-mail not working. i've had this softwear since it came out without a problem . gave me a code 403 error message. cannot find it anywhere. please help me? grace
  9. junie v

    If I Uninstall My Creator Slide Shows

    hi,, thanks for replying. I have Roxio creator 2011 the slideshows were all made with this program. I also have them in my external backup drive. . grace
  10. junie v

    Nxt 2 Tutorials?

    HI again, does Roxio offer any tutorials for the creator nxt 2 ? if I purchase this digital media, i will need all the help i can get..grace
  11. I want to uninstall my creator, will I loose my slideshows on my computer?. grace
  12. hi, I love my creator 10, but would like to upgrade to nxt , or nxt pro. would like to know how difficult it would be to learn to use these newer versions. and are there any snags to be aware of? grace b. s.