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  1. This really is bs, I just got everything together, recorded a good clip, and uploaded it to youtube and its 360p. How do you upload in HD? You're really not helping
  2. I have an old toshiba lap top with windows vista on it that I'm trying to set up now
  3. I've read about (Bootcamp) but I was wondering if they have made a patch or updated so Mac would be able to use this product. Didn't think something as simple as a game capture would work on select systems. Such BS
  4. So I can't use this? Or how do I get any of them systems applied to my mac?
  5. Hi I recently purchased and received the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and have no idea how to install it onto my MacBook Air because this laptop doesn't have a disc drive/cd-rom with it. Is there a link or certain website to go to to download the program? Please help!? I want to use this right away!