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  1. tsantee

    Convert .dvd Files

    I have never heard of a .dvd file extension. If it is a disc image try changing its name from .dvd to .iso and see if it can be mounted as a disk image file.
  2. tsantee

    Tivo Files

    Sorry, I've been so busy with a house move that I forgot about your question. I just checked and Toast 14 is recognizing the .tivo files. There are caveats. Toast no longer comes with the TiVo Transfer application which stopped working anyway. I use cTiVo for transferring. I like it because I can have it decrypt the .tivo file to .mpg as part of the transfer. That way it doesn't run into the problem where Toast had to reduce the resolution of the video to standard definition if I chose to export it rather than burn it as a Blu-ray video.
  3. tsantee

    Music Disc Creator Component

    I don't know what Roxio Creator has, but Toast can make audio CDs and music DVDs (playable on DVD players). Is that what you're wanting?
  4. tsantee

    Audio Out Of Sync

    Everything looks good to me. Toast has to encode the audio to 48 kHz for video DVD so that may be the issue, although that shouldn't be a problem. Is there a way to have iMovie share the export with 48 kHz audio instead of 44.1 to see if that makes any difference. Is the sync issue present when the DVD is played on a DVD player as well as when the DVD is played on the Mac?
  5. tsantee

    Manual For Audio Effects

    Toast uses Apple Audio Units for any effects. You can have as many as three. Google for Apple Audio Units to learn more about them.
  6. tsantee

    Audio Out Of Sync

    Please let us know the specs that Toast describes when you add the video to the Toast Video window.
  7. tsantee

    Failed Attempts To Burn To Dvd

    It shouldn't matter if it is +R or -R but there was a time when some players didn't like one or the other. I haven't heard of it being an issue for awhile but when grasping at straws.... The standard DVD-video disc you created should play in your Mac the same as any other video DVD. If yours has the default settings, inserting the disc should automatically launch DVD Player. If DVD Player is already open you should be able to select the movie in DVD Player's File menu. When you burn a high-definition DVD there is nothing that plays it on the Mac. That is why you should go to macupdate.com and download VLC player which is free. It plays all kinds of different video formats including home-burned Blu-ray format discs. You won't get the disc's menu but can access its individual videos.
  8. tsantee

    Blu-Ray Burning Issues

    Toast's encoder has problems with videos that are unusual resolutions or special video codecs. What may work best is to first convert the problem videos to h.264 MPEG-4 before adding to Toast. If this doesn't work, post the specs of the source videos. Maybe that will give me a clue.
  9. tsantee

    Failed Attempts To Burn To Dvd

    I wish it was easier, too. This is the kind of problem impossible to troubleshoot without the burned discs. For instance my brother burned a Blu-Ray video with Toast that wouldn't play on his player or the person' player for whom he made the disc. I had him send it to me and it played fine on my player. It's very odd, though, for the standard DVD not to play on your player or computer. Maybe your optical drive is failing. Maybe it will work to set a burn speed other than Best. Maybe DVD-R media will work better. Since Macs don't play Blu-Ray format discs, have you tried playing that with VLC Media Player?
  10. tsantee

    Can I Make A Unique Menu? Or Control Menu Elements?

    Have you used MyDVD that is in the Toast folder? Check its Help menu for instructions on what can be changed in the menu. The more limited menus in Toast itself have only a few things to change, such as placing your own menu background image.
  11. tsantee

    Burning Fails In Mac Os 10.10.3

    I'm sorry but I don't know why that is happening. If you haven't tried this, choose Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn or copy button. When done eject the source disc and drop the File Toadt wrote into the Audio CD window to burn your copy.
  12. tsantee

    Toast 12 Hd/blue Ray Plugin & Toast 14

    I have done a test with a Mac that has Toast 11 with the Blu-Ray plugin. Upon installing Toast 14 standard the Blu-Ray capability was recognized without having to do anything to activate it. Toast 11 required installing and registering the plugin separately from Toast. Toast 12 Pro automatically enabled the Blu-Ray features without having to install the plugin. Unless this issue is just on your Mac, it appears that unless the plugin isn't installed separately with Toast 11 or 12, it isn't seen by Tast 14 standard. I consider this a software bug. I hope Corel fixes it. There is no actual plugin. It is merely a locked or unlocked feature in the Toast application.
  13. I hope I'm mistaken in my assumption and I agree that you shouldn't need to spend more to get the Blu-Ray capability you already paid for with Toast 12 Pro.
  14. bengedlow, the Toast 14 Pro registration key enables the Blu-ray activation in the Help menu. The Toast 14 Pro download also has Pro in the file name. You also should see installers for the other Pro-verion bundled apps in the mounted download. If you mistakenly bought the standard version you can get a refund and do a new purchase of the Pro version. If they gave you the standard download when you ordered the Pro version you need to take this up with customer support or get a refund. The issue bohalloran has is something I'm trying to check out. I'm suspecting that Toast 14 standard is not recognizing a Toast 12 Pro Blu-ray authorization because the plugin was not installed separately with its own registration key. I don't know if I can determine this because I did install a Toast 11 Blu-ray plugin with a separate registration key which may get recognized when I try installing Toast 14 standard. I'm afraid that the solution is to buy Toast 14 Pro or purchase the separate plugin.
  15. Go to the Toast Help menu and activate the Blu-Ray plugin. There is no app called Toast Pro. It is the same as the standard except the Blu-Ray plugin is ready for activation and it comes with installers for 3rd-party apps.
  16. tsantee

    Motion Menus Are Possible?

    No video in the menu but you can add an intro video that appears before the menu using MyDVD.
  17. tsantee

    Toast 12 Hd/blue Ray Plugin & Toast 14

    Interesting. The Roxio store says it is compatible with Toast 11, 12 & 14. Could they have done something to make the Toast 11 and 12 plugin not recognized? I suggest contacting rox-ralf with a private message to see what he can find out. I have the Pro version which has a registration key that activates the plugin so I can't check if my earlier plugin works with the standard version. I also sent him a private message about this. Please be aware that their technical support folks are just getting acquainted with this version, too.
  18. I haven't had any problem installing Toast with the same registration key on another Mac. Roxio's does block keys that it believes are being shared. Also, if you use migration assistant to move your old Mac files to your new one there should be no problem with Toast.
  19. tsantee

    Burning Fails In Mac Os 10.10.3

    Just for clarification, are you duplicating with a single optical drive or with two optical drives?
  20. tsantee

    Toast 14 Pro Crash

    Sorry that I haven't checked this out. Getting a house ready to move into and have spent little time with my Mac. I will try to get to it on Wednesday after painting the master bathroom.
  21. tsantee

    Toast 14 Pro - Fotomagico 4 Upgrade

    Neither should be crashing. Does this happen when launching or at some other time. If you have DiscWarrior this is a good time to run it. If not see if first aid in Disk Utility finds anything to repair. Also, disconnect any external audio or video devices from your Mac if you have any. In the past the Toast-bundled version of Fotomagico lacked several export options in the full version. Boinx should be able to tell you what is added if you purchase the full version.
  22. tsantee

    Access Iphotos And Itunes From External Hd

    I don't believe Toast supports the new Photos app in the media browser. The features description doesn't mention it. I don't think there is a way to access an iTunes library that is not in the default location. In that case the audio tracks need to be exported from iTunes to be added to Toast
  23. tsantee

    Toast 12 Hd/blue Ray Plugin & Toast 14

    See if the activate blu-Ray option appears in the Toast 14 Help Menu
  24. tsantee

    Toast Audio

    I don't have Toast Audio as a separate app. However, when I drag a SD2f file into the Audio or Convert panels in Toast the individual tracks are shown and can be played or exported. Something changed with the latest Mac OS in that .sd2f files are no longer seen as image files. There are some discussions in the other Toast forums about wanting to mount .sd2f files and have them appear as audio CDs. I thought this was resolved recently. I just tried control-clicking and choosing Mount It but that didn't work as the option wasn't available. However, when choosing Mount Disc Image... from the Toast Utilities menu the .sd2f did appear in the Finder as an audio CD. This is with Toast 14. I haven't tried earlier versions.
  25. tsantee

    Memory Leak Suspected

    Thanks. Haven't tried MyDVD or Toast 14 yet other than to launch and look at them. Will let you know what I experience.