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  1. tsantee

    Memory Leak Suspected

    How long is the video? I want to know if my 42% is approximately the same as yours. Also, download and run Rember to be sure there isn't some problem in your Mac's Ram. I had something similar a few years ago that turned out to be Toast accessing a part of RAM that nothing else encountered.
  2. tsantee

    Toast 11 Wont Recall Last Saved Menu

    It's the way it is with Toast. The menu style selection doesn't get saved.
  3. tsantee

    Gravage Photos

    It appears you need to Export the photos (File menu) before they can be added to Toast. This will apply your adjustments.
  4. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Strange. When does it crash? I've had Toast crash after completing a disc burn.
  5. tsantee

    Install Problem

    Please be more descriptive. Is it the installer that doesn't launch or Toast after it is installed? I had no problem on 2 Macs so don't know what may be the issue. However, mine are running 10.9 & 10.10. You may need to contact Roxio's customer support about this.
  6. tsantee

    Upgrade Question

    Roxio's has a 30-day refund policy. That also may be their free upgrade period but I don't know. If you are within 30 days you might go for the refund and make a new purchase of Toast 14. The biggest change is the addition of MyDVD for video disc authoring and Toast Audio Capture plus the improved pro-version bundle of 3rd party apps. Toast itself looks pretty much the same.
  7. tsantee

    Media Bug In Toast 12 Or 14?

    I'm not having a problem with the media browser accessing the various libraries in either my Mac running OS 10.10 or 10.9. This is true with Toast 12 and 14. There is something blocking Toast's access to those on your Mac which suggests to me that you should run DiskWarrior if you have it or at least Dsk Utility's First Aid. However, I don't know if it will access the new Photos library. Roxio's description is that it accesses iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom libraries which it does on my Macs. I'm not using Photos as yet.
  8. tsantee

    Toast 14 Announced

    Hermie, Toast Audio Assistant launched with no pop up error for me. You are correct that the Help link does not go to a valid Web page as yet. Still, the application is very straight forward. You choose your input source and the preset you want for audio quality (voice, CD, DVD, DVD High Quality). You can choose it to stop recording after a set number of minutes. In Preferences you can choose the gaps needed to auto-define tracks and set a destination for the recorded file. The Help link for MyDVD worked on my Mac which is how I was able to save the PDF and post a link to it on my Dropbox above.
  9. tsantee

    Toast 14 Announced

    I have installed Toast 14 Pro. As with earlier versions Toast is the same in the Pro version as it is with the standard version except for the activated Blu-Ray plugin and the extra 3rd party applications. The Toast 14 Titanium folder contains DiscCatalogMaker RE 6.4.10, Live Screen Capture 1.0, MyDVD 1.0, Toast Audio Assistant 1.0 and Toast Titanium 14.0. After launching Toast you need to activate the Blu-ray options with a selection in the Help menu (presuming you have the plugin). This also activates Blu-ray in MyDVD. MyDVD is a new application for creating DVDs and Blu-ray videos with nice menus. Here is a link to the MyDVD Help pdf.
  10. tsantee

    Toast 10 Update

    I just tried downloading the Toast 10 update from Roxio's Software Updates page and it appeared to be downloading without any problem.
  11. tsantee

    Toast 14 Announced

    I will have it on Wednesday. Will try to post a link to a pdf that explains the new menu features.
  12. tsantee

    Toast 14 Announced

    There is no way to know that whatever wasn't working for you with Toast 12 will be any different with Toast 14. Overall I've seen Toast 12 have fewer problems than Toast 11 or 10 but no version of Toast has ever been without curious problems.
  13. tsantee

    Font Size In Menu

    No way to change the font size. You can choose a different font by choosing a different menu style and adding your own background. The Toast menu styles are Photoshop layered psd files. If you are familiar with that you could try changing font size in the psd file. I don't know if it will work out as you hope, though. The menus are in the Roxio folder in your user Library Application Support folder.
  14. tsantee

    Cannot Burn Dvd With Toast 12 - Ok W/ Toast 6 Lite (?)

    John, I believe you need to Share the movie from iMovie before it is rendered and usable by Toast. It then should appear in the Toast Media Browser under the Video tab and iMovie subhead.
  15. tsantee

    Problems With Roxio Toast And Burning On A Mac

    Istari's suggestions are good. I, too, have had Toast fail to burn a second copy of a disc in one session but I don't think it was buffer underrun. My suggestion is to quit and reopen Toast before making the second copy. That works for me. You can have Toast duplicate the first disc by inserting it and choosing Disc Copy in the Toast Copy window.
  16. tsantee

    Menu Page 2 Or Sub Menu

    When you have more than 6 videos Toast automatically adds additional menu pages. An arrow icon appears for selecting the next page.
  17. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Nice summary. Unsure about the "fix it later" part, though. I've been the major (sometimes only) contributor to this forum for several years and have witnessed some amazing missteps in the development and release of various versions of Toast. Given the history I know, I'm impressed it works this well. What's needed, though, is something totally new rather than patching and adding on new features. Yes, the repeat multiplexing and long dead time is normal when preparing a Blu-ray video from a HD MPEG 2 file. You also may experience a crash at the end of writing the Blu-ray disc from a disc image. The disc plays fine, even so.
  18. tsantee

    New To Mac And Toast, How To Use

    Mac's don't support playing commercial Blu-ray video discs. There may be a Blu-ray playing application somewhere. Search macupdate.com. You can play the videos on homemade Blu-ray video discs by using VLC Media Player or the Roxio Video Player that is in the Toast Extras Menu, presuming you have the Toast Blu-ray plugin. As for making Blu-ray video discs, that also requires the Blu-Ray plugin which is included in Toast Pro or available for separate purchase from Roxio. It won't allow you to copy videos from commercial Blu-ray discs.
  19. tsantee

    Trying To Create Dvd From Imovie

    I'm pretty sure you need to first Share from iMovie as Theater. Then it should import okay from the Toast Media Browser. I don't have Toast Burn. I have the full version. I don't know how they are different. Are there instructions linked to Toast Help?
  20. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    So sorry it isn't working. My only possible suggestions are to trash Toast and its plist and prefs files. Then reinstall from the Toast 12 update on Roxio's Software Updates page. Also try the HD MPEG 2 from Compressor rather than h.264.
  21. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Excellent information Istari. You might do a test with Compressor making a HD MPEG 2 video for use in Toast to see how that looks and works. The never re-encode setting does work with those whereas it is typically ignored with mpeg-4 sources. The audio units don't apply because Toast does nothing to ac3 streams. What you are experiencing seems more extreme than what I would expect, even knowing most of Toast's shortcomings. Roxio no longer exists as an entity. I'm not sure how Corel is keeping up with Toast. Probably contractors rather than in-house. They have issued updates this year to resolve unspecified issues with the current Mac OS. One thing hasn't changed, neither Corel or Roxio report what are known issues or what issues any update fixes (or attempts to fix). We are always in total darkness, depending on this forum to try to spread a little light.
  22. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Istari, I probably shouldn't respond at all because your process is one I have no way of testing. You are the first person in the forum who has mentioned using Compressor to make a Blu-ray compliant h.264 video for use in Toast. Until your post my assumption was the only way to have Toast multiplex rather than encode a Blu-ray video was to create a MPEG 2 version. All h.264 videos got re-encoded by Toast from what I've been told. When Toast multiplexes MPEG 2 for Blu-Ray it does the process twice for each title. Maybe that is what is happening while the progress bar is stalled. The progress bar isn't always correct, either. It is something not to look at too much. My advice is to make sure that Toast is set in the Finder Get Info to "Prevent App Nap" and do something else for a couple hours. I'm also uncertain why you are no longer getting audio during playback in the Edit window. I don't have my Mac connected to a HDTV so I cannot check this either. The difficulty scrubbing high-definition video is typical for the edit window. It used to just crash and is much improved now. But it does have trouble. You can, by the way, change the poster frame with the slider that appears when you select the thumbnail in the main Toast window, although this is less precise. I appreciate you sharing your experience in the forum. My sense is that except for the lack of audio output what you are experiencing is the way it is with Toast.
  23. tsantee

    Chapter Names Not Showing On Video Generated In Fcp X

    Sorry, Toast does not have text with chapters. If you use a non-text menu style you get thumbnail images from the chapter points which might be a little more helpful, but not much. It's a big weakness in Toast.
  24. tsantee

    Cannot Burn Dvd With Toast 12 - Ok W/ Toast 6 Lite (?)

    There shouldn't be any problem. Tell me more details about the settings you are using in Toast. Is it the DVD-video setting or the High-Definition DVD setting or something else? Also, do you have the photos before the video or after the video?
  25. tsantee

    Very Slow Writing Of Data Dvd

    What you are describing is not slow burning of the disc. It is ridiculously slow creation of the DVD. Toast 11.1 to present burn discs at about 3x-5x speed which is really slow. But taking days to make a 1-hour DVD? There is something really wrong here. It does take a very long time for Toast to make standard-definition DVDs from high-definition video files. That may explain some of why it is taking a long time. But not days. How much RAM does your Mac have. It is very inexpensive to max out the RAM on your Mac. If you haven't done that, do it. You might start a new topic in the forum describing details of what you are having Toast do with the specs of your source videos. The latest version of Toast 12 is pretty good overall. Toast will never be perfect.