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    Downloading Update Without Previous Version Installed

    An upgrade requires a new purchase. It does not matter if Toast 8 is on your system if you are purchasing an upgrade to Toast 12. When you make the purchase you will be given a download link.
  2. It may be that you need to export the correctly oriented photos from your photo library application before adding them to Toast.
  3. tsantee

    We Need A New Kind Of Dvd Creator - Using Mp4

    I'm a little confused but maybe this explanation can help. If you have the Toast Blu-Ray plug in there is a setting in the Toast Video window for a High-Definition DVD. This creates a Blu-ray format video that is burned to standard or dual-layer DVD media. It requires a Blu-ray player. With the plug-in you have the option for either MPEG 2 or MPEG-4; either of which will retain your 1920x1080 resolution. Toast, however, will always re-encode the video to whichever of those you choose. As for menu, you can choose a menu style and then mark the auto-play disc at start so that it begins playing when the disc is inserted rather than go to the menu. At the end of the video playback the menu appears unless you checked the box next to play all items continuously.
  4. tsantee

    Widens 4:3 To 16:9

    Not sure. Is it possible to tell the player on the computer to display it at 4:3? My TV has settings to force playing at 4:3.
  5. tsantee

    Toast 11 Titanium, How Do I Copy Dvd+R To Dvd-R

    Should not be difficult as long as the source DVDs were finalized if created by a standalone DVD recorder or DVD camcorder. If they are not finalized then that has to be done first. If this isn't an issue then simply insert the DVD+R disc and choose Disc Copy in the Toast Copy window.
  6. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Roxio rewrote Toast with version 11.1 and it resulted in much slower burn speed. That has improved slightly with later updates but still very slow. If you are going to burn a lot of discs either use a version prior to 11.1 or use Toast 12 to save as disc image and burn those using the image file setting in an earlier version.
  7. tsantee

    Sector Unreadable. Verification Failed.

    Turn off Verify Data in the Advanced tab of the Recorder Settings window (Recorder menu). I unchecked it years ago because it seems to produce false errors.
  8. tsantee

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Slower burning started when Toast was rewritten for version 11.1. It actually is faster now than that version.
  9. tsantee

    How To Stop Dvd Playing At End Of Disc?

    Do you have Play all items continuously checked in the Toast window before burning disc? That may be the reason they keep playing. Unchecked it should return to the menu at the end of playing each title.
  10. tsantee

    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    When I control-click in the Finder I have to scroll to "Services" at the bottom for the additional window to appear that has Mount It. I believe the reason you can't do an actual test of the Blu-ray disc image is that the Mac doesn't support playing Blu-ray videos. That's why Roxio Video Player or VLC have to be used. In that case the menu appears as a still frame as one of the titles rather than as a working menu. You might see if VLC Media Player has a chapter-advance option that can be used to see where chapters begin.
  11. tsantee

    Computer Crashed Need My Software Again

    You can download the latest version of Toast 11 from Roxio's software updates page. You will need your registration key which is on your page here if you registered the software.
  12. tsantee

    Toast 10 Blu Ray Plug-In For Older Mac

    I suggest getting an external Blu-ray drive for use with the Air.
  13. tsantee


    Toast uses the QuickTime codecs to read video files. If QuickTime Player can play h.265 then Toast should be able to work with it. If not, that codec needs to be added to the QuickTime library folder.
  14. tsantee

    Can't Burn Avchd Dvd. Get Error Message

    Interesting. Someone else in the Toast 12 forum just posted trouble he is having with 23.98 fps ProRes422 video in Toast. Maybe your best bet is to convert it to a different codec before adding to Toast. I know Toast has trouble with ProRes sources.
  15. I wasn't aware that the DVD-Rom (UDF) was actually a hybrid with Toast. Don't know why that is horrific, though. You will need to find a different disc burning app to do anything different.
  16. tsantee

    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    You must first mount the .toast file. This is done in any of three ways. The way I do it is control-click on it in the Finder and choose Mount It from the contextual menu. You also can add it to the Toast Copy window with Image File as the setting where it will be automatically mounted. Or you can choose Mount image file from Toast's Utilities menu and select it. Once it is mounted choose its top level using Roxio Video Player.
  17. tsantee

    Error Messages During Burning In Toast 12

    I don't know what to suggest. The error is happening near the outer edge of the disc. It could be the media or it could be the burner or something else. Have you checked with OWC about whether a firmware update is available for that drive? If you can get ahold of a 50 GB Blu-ray disc that may work for you in this case. You also could take a disc image to someone who burns Blu-ray discs. I don't have a project that uses that much space but others have burned data Blu-ray discs full for spanning backups.
  18. tsantee

    23.98 Files Being Seen By Toast 12 As 29.97

    You might do a test if 24.0 fps is treated differently by Toast. It may be a problem with Toast's MPEG 2 encoder. You also can use some other application to make the DVD-spec MPEG 2 video. In that case Toast will merely multiplex the video rather than encode it; especially if you choose Never re-encode in Toast's custom encoder settings window. If your video and audio are separate streams you can drag the .m2v video to Toast and it will ask for the audio stream.
  19. tsantee

    Help With Blu Ray Burn

    Toast has problems with Apple ProRes. That also is an odd resolution. Usually it is x1080 or x720. Toast isn't good with converting non-standard resolutions. I think you'll need to use something other than Toast to convert the video to a different format and a standard size. Maybe QuickTime Player can take care of that for you. Toast always re-encodes video when making a Blu-ray format video unless the source is a standards-compliant MPEG 2 video. A 15-minute Blu-ray format video is about the size you got when Toast did the encoding. If it looks okay to you then you don't need to bother with anything else.
  20. tsantee

    Error -2014 When Capturing From Dv

    This is using Toast's plug & burn feature, right? I haven't connected my DV camcorder in years so don't know if your experience is a bug in Toast. Have you tried first capturing with QuickTime or something else that captures DV video? I think I used the app Vidi for that.
  21. tsantee

    Help With Blu Ray Burn

    Seems rather extreme. How long (in time) is your video? When you drag the original into the Toast window how does Toast describe the video in the small text below the title area? Have you checked to see if the entire video shows up in what Toast created? Lastly, did you choose High-Definition DVD or Blu-Ray video as format?
  22. tsantee

    How Do I Transfer My Photoshow To A Cd

    I haven't done this in quite awhile but as I recall the process is to click the Media tab on the right top (entering the media browser), then click the Video tab. There you'll see the link to access your iMovie projects. Highlight the movie you want that appears in the lower part of the media browser and add it to the main Toast window. You may need to first share the movie to Theater. I would think it would work to share it to File and drag that to Toast. There likely are some posts in the iMovie discussions on Apple's discussions site that know for sure what they're talking about; unlike me.
  23. tsantee

    Avchd Format No Longer Recognised

    The Blu-Ray plugin from Toast 11 should work and be active with Toast 12 without doing anything. Toast will not see inside a AVCHD package, as you have found. I think that was one of the reasons for the AVCHD archive feature when connecting a video camera. I don't have a AVCHD camcorder so I'm unsure. Have you tried adding the videos to Toast with the camcorder connected?
  24. tsantee

    No Images Coming In To Program

    I don't understand the app requiring new hardware to start. There is no new hardware. Tell me more about the message you're getting. Are you sure you're using the Mac version and not the PC version?
  25. We can't discuss other commercial software here. I suggest going to macupdate.com and searching for DVD authoring to see what comes up. Toast is reasonably good and reasonably easy. I use it although I have other apps too. I haven't used easy vhs for awhile, but I'm very surprised the file size is that large. It isn't eat for me to do a test but I will try finding some time to do so soon.