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  1. tsantee

    Purchased Pro, Only Getting Titanium

    There is no description on Toast that designates it as Pro. The only distinction with Toast is if the Blu-ray video features are activated. Pro also comes with a separate download (at least for me awhile ago) with the 3rd party apps.
  2. tsantee

    Issue With Avchd File And Toast 12

    My guess is that particular file had an error near the start which caused Toast to crash. Handbrake could handle the error but Toast's encoder could not. Toast is rather picky and ungraceful in this way.
  3. tsantee

    How Do I Transfer My Photoshow To A Cd

    Is this a Mac question?
  4. tsantee

    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    Roxio Video Player exists in the Toast package and is not accessible except through the application. I can only guess there is a problem with the Toast installation. You can download the most recent version from the Software Updates page. Try reinstalling from that download.
  5. tsantee

    Need A Little Help With Creating Chapters

    Arabesque and Splash are text only. All others have thumbnails. Toast is very lame when it comes to chapter menus. There is no way to have both a thumbnail and text, there is no way to edit the text, there is no way to select the thumbnail. Toast can place chapter marks without creating a chapter menu. In that way you can use the remote to skip to other chapters but not have to deal with the lousy chapter menu. That's what I do. To disable chapter menus uncheck the box next to Include scene menus for video" in the window that appears when you click Customize... To prevent the disc from automatically replaying, uncheck the box next to Play All Items continuously in the main Toast window. If you choose No Menu the disc will continuously play regardless because there is no menu for it to return to.
  6. 1) Yes it is a deceiving name because you can't make a video DVD without other software. When the product first came out it had a different video encoder and came with a light version of Toast 9 so it could make DVDs easily. They dropped the Toast add on and changed the recording application but didn't change the product name. You can look for different applications that can "author" video DVDs. Corel/Roxio sells one in the App Store called Toast DVD that is cheaper than buying the full version of Toast. 2) Assuming you used the high quality setting please play the video back to check if the audio remains in sync. Many users say it does not. There is a free app called QTSync that should be able to fix the existing recordings. In the future choose Medium quality which in truth is a high-quality h.264 MPEG 4 format that is very good and has much smaller file sizes. Toast and other DVD authoring applications will automatically encode the 2-hour video to fit a standard DVD disc so don't worry about the original file size.
  7. tsantee

    Toast 10 Does Not Support Mkv

    I think it relates to the video codec that is in the mkv which is just a container. It must be a QuickTime playable format to work with Toast. You'll need to do some research on how to convert the video in the mkv to a QuickTime playable format or find and install the missing video codec in the QuickTime library folder.
  8. tsantee

    Purchased Pro, Only Getting Titanium

    Is the Blu-ray video option available to you in the Toast you downloaded? Did you get a link to a separate download for the Pro-version extra apps?
  9. tsantee

    Toast 12.0 & Yosemite Os 10.10.3 For Imac

    Tell me more. This shouldn't have happened. Are you using the Toast Copy window? Let me know the steps you are following. You might also trash the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast. That may fix the problem.
  10. tsantee

    Need A Little Help With Creating Chapters

    Did you change from a menu style with thumbnails to an all-text menu style?
  11. tsantee

    Blu Ray With Dolby Audio

    Toast should use the existing dolby audio file without any modification. Add the video file that does not contain the audio stream. Toast will ask for you to locate the audio (unless it is in the same folder and has the same name except for the extension, in which case Toast automatically matches the audio).
  12. tsantee

    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    Choose Save as Disc Image. When that is done mount the resulting .toast file by selecting it with the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. Launch Roxio Video Player from the Toast Extras menu. Select the mounted disc image to play it. There won't be a working menu. You can see how the menu looks by selecting the last title that shown in the drop down in the player app.
  13. tsantee

    Tivo Transfer

    The provider for that program blocked any transfer capability. There is nothing you or TiVo can do about it. Some programs and channels get copy protected this way.
  14. tsantee

    No Audio with Easy VHS to DVD for Mac

    The Roxio Video Capture app has no interaction with the System's Audio preferences panel. It should simply override it by plugging in the device (after first launching the application). Many posts here discuss the lack of audio problem. I haven't experienced it so I don't know the reason for it but maybe browsing through the forum will help you find a solution.
  15. tsantee

    Cd Inserts - Toast 12

    Toast 11 and earlier came with Disc Cover 3 RE which did this. You can get the full version from Belightsoftware.com. You also can search macupdate.com for an app that can do this. Sorry that Corel dropped it from the Toast 12 bundle.
  16. tsantee

    Toast 12 Rejects .m4V Video Files

    There are numerous different codecs used in creating .m4v files. Toast depends on the codecs installed in the Library>QuickTime folder to read the videos. Apparently that one isn't there. Have you searched for where you may get that codec?
  17. tsantee

    Mount Disk Image Not Working

    Hold the control key down when clicking on the .toast file in the Finder and choose Mount It from the contextual menu. You may need to go to the second page of that menu.
  18. tsantee

    No Images Coming In To Program

    I don't know. Try quitting the application and removing the USB stick. Then launch the application before inserting the USB stick.
  19. tsantee

    Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    Presuming you are in Toast's Video window and have DVD video set as the format, choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu instead of clicking the burn button. When that is done add the resulting .toast file that you just saved to the Toast Copy window with Image File selected as the format. Toast will then either burn the DVD or will apply the "Fit-to-DVD" feature to make it fit.
  20. tsantee

    Very Slow Writing Of Data Dvd

    I found the latest Toast 12 update to be a little faster. Otherwise, choose a burn speed other than Best. If you have Toast 11.0.6 or earlier use it for burning. You can choose Save as Disc Image and change the .toast extension to .dmg and burn the image file using Disk Utility. These workarounds only make sense if you are planning on burning lots of discs.
  21. tsantee

    Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    I'm not really certain what you are trying to create. What Toast window are you in and what setting are you using? Are you making a DVD video? I mentioned the total length (in time) of the videos. How long are they? I guessed in my earlier reply because I don't know whether you are burning discs to play on DVD players or burning data discs to keep copies of the original videos.
  22. tsantee

    Switched To Intel Mac, Lost All Jam 6 Data.

    If Toast 10 doesn't load the content in those Jam docs then upgrading won't help. I don't expect Toast can read those properly. What I suggest is loading those on your older computer and saving them as .sd2f disc image files.
  23. tsantee

    Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    If you are making a DVD video disc of the downloaded videos, the explanation is that Toast has to encode the video in MPEG 2 format which is less compressed than the source video. This means it takes up more space on the final disc. Toast usually can fit nearly 3 hours of video on a regular DVD disc. The quality is better if you keep it close to 2 hours per DVD.
  24. tsantee

    Media Error

    Just a wild guess, but someone else posted that removing the Perian codec from the root>Library>QuickTime folder fixed a burning issue that started after an OS update. You only have that codec if you installed it at some time.
  25. If Toast 10 is working well for you I don't see any reason to upgrade. If you are on the Roxio email list they sometimes offer good discounts and Toast has been included in some discount bundles in the past. So you might keep your eyes open for that. You won't need to delete Toast 10 if you buy and install Toast 12, so the only risk is you spending money you didn't need to spend.