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    Jerky Video Playback

    Hi, sorry I haven't been paying attention to these forums for the past several months. Since your Blu-ray player accepts so many different video formats, just burn the source video using the DVD-Rom (UDF) setting in the Toast Data window. That should turn out the same as if you played the video from the USB flash drive and save you lots of time as well. I recall discussing the jerky video problem back when I was paying attention but don't remember exactly how I resolved it. It may have to do with the frame rate of the source videos is not 29.97 or 30 frames per second.
  2. I don't know how many years I've tried to help users of Roxio's Mac products in these forums but it's time for me to pass this on to others. If you know a thing or two about Toast or some of the other apps, please visit the forum periodically and offer your help and advice. I started when my brother had a problem with Toast 4 and I visited the forum to try to find an answer. What I found were dozens of unanswered questions by others, a few of which I knew how to resolve. What surprised me was that reading the questions forced me to learn about many of Toast's capabilities and about workarounds to get it to do what it is supposed to do. Reading the posts is a great learning tool. Every version of Toast is not quite right. Changes in the OS make some things very wrong. Roxio introduced new versions before problems were resolved in earlier versions. And the new versions introduced new problems. Sometimes while reading a post I screamed like Charlie Brown when Lucy yanked the football. On the other hand, there's been tremendous innovation and amazing flexibility. My favorite part is when someone is grateful that they were finally able to create the project they wanted; and probably couldn't have done so without my help. Certainly there are others willing to feel the reward of helping other Toast users. I'll keep with this until the end of 2012. I probably will continue to drop in at times, just not every day or even every week. There's a lot of good advice in these forums, so be sure to use the Search command to see if your issue is already addressed.
  3. tsantee

    Toast 14 Announced

    Roxio/Corel announced Toast 14 today. Guess they don't want to take chances with an "unlucky" 13. I received an email offering everyone a $40 discount on the standard version and $50 discount on the Pro version; $59.99 & $99.99 after discount. I don't have a copy as yet. What looks promising to me is the return of audio capturing and the much-improved DVD/Blu-ray menu options. If you haven't used Fotomagico 4.5 you are in for a real treat. At first glance this Toast version is a great improvement.
  4. tsantee

    Toast 6 And Old Age

    Have you ever backed up your Mac's hard drive? If so, you can copy Toast from it to replace the damaged one.
  5. tsantee

    Acceptable Mydvd Filetypes?

    It's the Dolby Digital audio that's the issue. H.264 video used in editing doesn't have ac-3 audio. The video file you sent to Compressor should work, rather than the one after using Compressor.
  6. tsantee

    Used To Use Roxio Videowave, Now Considering Toast

    Toast is not a video editing application. What you are looking for is Final Cut Pro. There also may be an Adobe video editing application for Macs called Premiere. Not certain if it is still available.
  7. tsantee

    Burning Blu Ray Problem With Unsupported File

    Is it possible you are saving the exported movie to an external hard drive that is not formatted to HFS+ ? The old PC-formatted drives have a 1 GB file size limit.
  8. tsantee

    Crashes During Encoding Every Time

    I haven't used ffmpeg. You might see if there is advice about this at the Mac forum at videohelp.com
  9. Sorry it isn't working. You've probably tried everything already. Only advice I have is to be sure to plug in the USB device after first launching the application. Also, try a different USB port.
  10. tsantee

    Mydvd 1.0

    Sorry, haven't tried it yet. Much too busy right now
  11. tsantee

    Toast 14 With Mac Photo App

    Toast has no direct access to the new Photos app library at this time. What settings are you using and what are you using to play the slide show disc? In the Data window there is a Photo Disc option. It does not change the original photos. Some DVD players can play photos from a data disc if the resolution isn't too high. Check your player's manual for info.. If you are making what is called a DVD slide show in the Toast Video window the quality is dramatically lowered to meet the 640x480 DVD resolution spec. Best thing to do is put photos on thumb drive and insert that in HDTVs USB input.
  12. tsantee

    Capture Dvr?

  13. tsantee

    Burning Mp3 Problems: Order Of Tracks

    You should burn MP3 discs with iTunes which I believe adds digits to the front of the file names to keep your desired order. Toast keeps the file names as is. Since MP3 discs are ISO9660 format there is no way to avoid alphanumeric ordering.
  14. tsantee

    Choppy Video

    Maybe I can figure out why if you post the full specs that Toast describes when you add the video to Toast.
  15. tsantee

    Burning Blu Ray Problem With Unsupported File

    There should be no problem if you exported the video from iMovie using its Share command.
  16. tsantee

    Crashes During Encoding Every Time

    Toast may crash if it encounters a problem with a source video such as dropped frames. Shouldn't happen with different videos. I had Toast repeatedly crash at a certain point from different files with a kern protection failure. Turned out to be defective RAM on my Mac. You can use Rember to test Mac. It can be found at macupdate.com. If you have something that can create a DVD-spec MPEG2 video then Toast will multiplex rather than encode it when authoring the DVD. You may need to turn on never re-encode in the custom encoder settings window.
  17. tsantee

    Install Problem

    Disconnect everything connected to your Mac except the mouse/keyboard and then try launching Toast.
  18. tsantee

    Creating A Dvd Label

    There is no disc label application with Toast 12. Go to the App Store and search for disc label. I recommend the app Disc Cover.
  19. tsantee

    Music Disc Creator Component

    I'm not sure about Toast 8, but Toast 9 has the Music DVD feature in the video window. It basically is a DVD slide show with music for each slide. The image on screen is the album cover art tagged with the audio track. The audio format can be ac3 but also PCM at a high sample rate.
  20. tsantee

    12.1 Incompatability With Old Imovie?

    I'm sorry but I don't recall anyone posting that error message before. What happens if you choose Save as Disc Image and then burn that file using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window? You can have multiple versions of Toast on one computer. You might put Toast 8 on the new Mac to see if it recognizes the old iMovie videos.
  21. tsantee

    12.1 Incompatability With Old Imovie?

    I'm not sure, but are you using the iMovie section in the video tab of the Toast Media Browser to access the movie? If so, my recommendation is to export the movie from iMovie in a high-quality format and add that to Toast.
  22. tsantee

    Reduce Dvd Volume

    If you have Audio Files selected with the source pop-up button in the convert window you should see Pause, Title, Length, Gains, Fades, Effects across the top. Click & hold on the 0.0 under Gains pops up a slider for increasing or decreasing the audio level.
  23. tsantee

    Reduce Dvd Volume

    You would need to extract the video from the DVD as separate .m2v and uncompressed audio files and then use an app to reduce the audio gain on the audio stream. Lastly you would have Toast make a new DVD from the video and audio files. You can use the freeware MPEG Streamclip to extract the separate video and audio streams. Make sure to extract audio as uncompressed because you can't modify an .ac3 audio stream which is probably what is on the DVD. Add the audio stream to Toast's Convert window with Audio Files selected as the format. There you should be able to adjust the Gain. If you don't see that option go to Toast Preferences and turn on advanced audio mastering. Now export the audio in its same format. You are now ready to add the .m2v video file to the Toast Video window with DVD Video selected as the format. Toast will ask you to locate the audio file. Prepare the menu as you want and create your new DVD.
  24. tsantee

    Toast 12.0 & Yosemite Os 10.10.3 For Imac

    My bet is that is completed writing lead out and then froze when it should have presented the next screen. You will have to force quit and then reopen Toast so you can eject the disc.
  25. tsantee

    Convert .dvd Files

    I wonder if one of the disc-ripping applications creates this. In that case, control click on it and choose Show Package Contents to find out if you can look inside. If you can and there is a VIDEO_TS folder there, copy it outside of package.