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    Toast Cd Not Allowing Burning Due To Drop In Available Mb

    Again....thanks for your interest... MB cannot be irrelevent as this is why I cannot burn a CD, the memory is limited to 98mb, due to this problem, and as much as 700mb should be achievable, I cannot burn any CD, or even copy one as the MB is curtailing any actions. Not so with DVD's as the max MB is always achievable... I may have to abandon Toast in favour of another CD burning programme, as I don't seem to able to bypass this problem.
  2. drewmiller

    Toast Cd Not Allowing Burning Due To Drop In Available Mb

    Thanks again tsantee...... The small notice spells 'disc' and again even unistalling and re-installation after dumping 'prefs' is failing to reset the memory of the CD section, and again, the DVD sections all work prefectly. My CD blanks are allowing a max of 750mb but even dropping tracks to just 100mb, I still get this message refusing burning. I am at a loss, and wonder if there is some type of Toast memory lodged somewhere else within the Mac that is being triggered to stop CD burning. Sorry to be such a moan.....but I simply cannot escape this problem, as yet... drew miller
  3. drewmiller

    Toast Cd Not Allowing Burning Due To Drop In Available Mb

    Thanks tsantee..... tried to do what you suggested...... dumped Toast preferences, re-started Mac, completed new install directions.....initially showed over 700mb available for CD. No sooner had I started the process and the system read the blank CD, then....up again came that message that there was insufficient space available. When cancelling actions, and dumping tracks, CD memory available back down to 98mb, so not able to burn tracks drew miller.
  4. Have been having problems with burning my albums to CD. Bought a Toast 10 pack to re-boot the system (Mac OSX 10.4.11), and again continued to be able to burn DVD's and most other items, however.......when trying to burn a CD or even copy a CD, the memory drops from about 703mb to about 94mb. The message comes up that there is unsufficient space left to burn the tracks, and there seems no way around this. I even uninstalled the Toast 10 and re-started the Mac, installing Toast again for a clean install. Again, the CD memory shows the max amount, but as soon as I continue to the burn process, up comes that window to state that there was insufficient memory available. Not a computer geek by any means, and am a loss to resolve this problem.... HELP
  5. drewmiller

    Unable To Burn/add Data To A Cd-Rw Disc

    problem has returned, and again, only for burning Audio CD's, having dumped the Preference files on 3 occasions, and even re-booted the Toast, still not allowing me to get past this 98gb limiter.......HELP