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    Two years ago I upgraded from Creator 2010 to Creator 2012 , the program worked for the first six months and then each time I opened the program a window appeared telling me that Roxio 2012 stopped working. I've had computer experts tell me that its an ie problem.I've read notes on these forums tried their output but nothing worked. I recently purchased new computer with 8.1 windows. I was able to transfer Roxio 2010 but unable to do so with 2012 I do not have a physical disk. How can I redownload 2012. I'm still using 2010 and it works well, I have also added Premium upgrade to 2012, I mdon't eve know if I need that. What do you sugest
  3. I'm still using Creator 2010 because Creator NXT would never open keep getting a window telling me Roxio quit working. A few days ago I ordered a Premium upgrade and since then I have been unable to upload music I have secured from I tunes. A window opens telling me to use English characters or could not open upload try gain. Never had this problem before I bought new Dell with windows 8.1.I have to use my old Del to download music on to new photoshows and transfer to new Dell. Anybody have any answersThis upgrade is only three days old. Del is only 6 days old