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    Easy Vhs To Dvd V.1.1 Not Seeing My S-Video Input

    OK. Works for me. Thanks for the pointers and the link. Good talking w/you.
  2. DesertRat

    Easy Vhs To Dvd V.1.1 Not Seeing My S-Video Input

    Thanks for the come-back Ogdens. VCR/DVD combo isn't that new (purchased 2011). No special switches or buttons to get S-video. And I don't have a TV. (I don't watch TV. My blood pressure improved considerably when I gave my TV away.) I just watch movies on my computer and now I'm digitizing all my old tape stuff. But I can live without the S-video function. It's not a big deal. Besides, the manual says I get better picture with component video as opposed to S-video. Somewhere I heard that it was the other way around, but I could be wrong. Anyway, thanks again and regards,
  3. Running Easy VHS to DVD v.1.1.124 on Win7 Pro 64bit system. The adapter that comes with the kit has an S-Video input as well as Composite Video. Composite works fine, good picture and sound. But the software is not seeing the signal from the S-Video port on my VHS. I suppose the VHS itself might have a faulty S-Video output, but is there something software related that would keep it from seeing the S-Video?
  4. Easy VHS to DVD v.1.1.124 - Running Win7 Pro computer; Software reports no signal when I try to us S-Video cable from my VHS to the adapter that comes with the kit even though it has an S-Video plug-in port. Do I need a different S-Video specific adapter or am I just missing something in defining my input?