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    Roxio Gamecapture Doesnt Record

    ah ya i did everything and now its just not working anymore... 24/7 blackscreens and i cant even click a button like record or livestream
  2. zyzz

    Roxio Gamecapture Doesnt Record

    i rebooted it and its still not working... i went searching for updates and this came... -.- You cannot the Product. Visit the. That was everything.... no link nothing... its the first version so Version 1.0 .... not cool..
  3. zyzz

    Roxio Gamecapture Doesnt Record

    Hi guys so i bought my gamecapture nearly a year before and recorded my games.. everything worked until i bought a new pc... i can press everything and it seems like it works... when i press the recordbutton it looks like it records but its just recording for 0.9 seconds.... and i my computer complies all the requirements... and i dont know why it just doesent reocord..... i have enough storage btw if some pictures are needed i can send them