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  1. Beecee

    Creator Nxt5

    I'm sorry for my erratic replies, some time I'm unable to log in and others, well I'm not exactly brill etc.I've run a couple of delete applications and just about wiped all out of it out. I have attempted to open the Zip file that I downloaded, but yes it won't open.Currently this is not a priority as work comes first, so these issues (don't you just love these semantics) have to take their own course of action e.g. when I have the time. Ideally I'd to a fresh download but I've not located a site offering that. Thanks for you assistance, no doubt I'll get there in the end. Cheers BC
  2. Beecee

    Creator Nxt5

    I found Roxio 11 lurking as well as NXT4 so I'm deleting the lot and I'll try and reinstall later today. Thanks BC
  3. Beecee

    Creator Nxt5

    Just reconfirming my issue is not installing (yet) but uninstalling the host of applications that came bundled with it, if I am to have a 'clean/fresh' install. BC
  4. Beecee

    Creator Nxt5

    Hi I expect that is the case, but I've saved the download to a backup folder, as I've leant the hard way. I looked at Roxio's site but could not find the specific unloader. I'm not too proud to ask. Which one would you suggest as there isn't NXT5 in that list? Cheers BC
  5. I've used Roxio for fifteen years plus (must be my 4th or 5th vesrion) I installed the application last year, all good and well. Went to burn a disk and for whatever reason the application didn't function. So I thought I'll do a reinstall, but I cannot find the application on my drives Apps and Settings It's listed when I go to Applications so I think (?) to do a proper install I need to do a create a clean install, but for that I need it's location. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm running Win10x64 Pro. Cheers from Blighty BC
  6. The phrase "I hear what you say" plus two mates in IT agree. I'll do it tomorrow. Cheers BC
  7. Hi guys I came on to look about what version I should get and as Win 10 had been discussed thought I'd mention my experience. Approximately 48 hours after the upgrade the crash occurred. My mate in IT calls these events Cowell's Law as if it going to happen, yours truly is the recipient!* So I'm about to install the drive and still not sure about going straight to Win10. I've observed that the machines that upgraded took all the settings, but the new Lenovo X1 Yoga will not run some. Anyway thanks for your comments. Bye from Blighty BC * the editor from PCPRO who I'd discussed our renegade Dell XPS13 liked liked the ring of the name for a column, I replied not me please!
  8. Out of interest does anyone 'know' which releases are Win10 compatible, sorry if you choke on reading this. I've got Roxio Creator 2011 which wouldn't run tonight, 1st time I've tried with Win10 suppose I'll have to put my hand in my pocket and acquire NXT Pro 4. I don't use it a lot but ir's handy , having used Roxio for close on 20 years. Out of interest what happens when your main drive corrupts two days after the install of the upgrade? I'll find out tomorrow, hadn't done a back up of that but the Win7Pro I have a full one. Going to attempt using Win7, then jump to Win10 though I have the San/Western Digital sent a new SSD pro grata even though the warranty ran out two months prior, amazing. Got 4 of their Red drives in the server, so from now on I'm not looking at any other supplier! Cheers BC
  9. Hi guys cdanteek that did thebiz, much oblidged d_deweywright sorry thought I’d put the OS Win7x64 Pro Cheers BC
  10. Hi Did a reinstall of my PC after installing a SSD (don't they fly then) recently all good and fine. Then I realised I'd not reinstall Roxio 11 so stuck Disc #1 into the drive and after three clicks got The Operating system does not meet the minimum requirements for Roxio Creator 2011 Pro does anyone have a suggestion for this. I've installed it with this OS at least three times? Cheers BC