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    Rgc Hd Pro "select Video Device Failed"

    This is a screenshot from the error message I am getting: http://prntscr.com/4d4w2r This is a screenshot from the Transcoder device: http://prntscr.com/4d4wpr I hope this is what you meant.
  2. MeesL

    Rgc Hd Pro "select Video Device Failed"

    Thanks! But There is no Transcoder entry in the device manager, only under the hardware and printers tab in control panel. I cant delete anything from the hardware and printers tab. So which should I delete? The Roxio GameCAP HD PRO from device manager? Thanks for the help so far! EDIT: What I did is: Delete the Roxio GameCAP HD PRO in the device manager. Unplug the device and put it in a corner where I couldn't see it. Reboot. Insert disc and run repair. Reboot and then find where I put the device. But nevertheless it is still called Transcoder in the hardware tab...
  3. Hello! I hope some guru's can help me with my problem... Every time I boot up the capture software for my Roxio Game Capture hd Pro device, it gives me a pop-up message saying: "Select video device failed"... I have re-installed the program quite a few times, I also deleted the drivers for the card in device manager. I tried repairing the software with the install disk. I made sure the device was unplugged while installing the software. All the cables are plugged in correctly, no doubt about that. I also tried multiple different usb ports, none of them were on a usb hub. Though there two things that caught my attention. One is that the device is called "TRANSCODER" in the hardware tab of my control panel. The second is: In device manager, there is only one entry that is called "Roxio GameCAP HD PRO". Most people have two entries with the same name. I only have one. (Its in dutch... But its under "Sound, video and Game controllers") My pc specs are: Intel core i7 3770K 3.50 GHz quad core 16.0GB RAM Nvidia EVGA GTX 580 (Drivers are up to date) More can be given if needed. I hope you can help me out with this problem. Thanks a lot, all help is appreciated!