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    Status Set As "recording" Yet Nothing Is Being Recorded.

    Dear, does not leave a black screen. I explain better, the program works well, I see what comes out of the PS3 to the TV on my PC Monitor, I can capture image and have sound, just to try to capture video "State" in the program is in "Capturing" the buttons change accordingly, but what does not change are the second recording. Just create one video file with duration of 1 second. I conducted all steps you indicated, but still continues to record the same amount of time. I installed it on another pc, the normal and fully functional. Any idea?
  2. ElFresh

    Status Set As "recording" Yet Nothing Is Being Recorded.

    Unfortunately I have no answer. I just hang up to indicate that also happens to me that problem. I have the PS3 connected by composite cable from both Playstation and thus to capture the same TV program on the pc working properly. I have video, audio, and I can even make screenshot's what makes is "Burn." Just create a small video file that lasts one second