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    Roxio Slideshow/photoshow

    Mr Guru, For starters thank you for getting me into the correct location. I'm not sure how to tell what format the pictures are in but does jpeg help? I'm trying to make a slideshow of my high school yearbook. I scan the page on my Epson 8400 copier, printer, scanner and it moves my pictures to my photos gallery of my computer. I use Windows 7. In the past I would scan the photos and they would go into my photos gallery and I would just add them and the music to my slideshow and everything worked fine. But now when I go to add the photos, some of the photos are in the gallery like they normally are which are no problem to add to my slideshow and some of the photos aren't there. I mean they are there but instead of the picture I have a box where the picture should be and there is a red circle with a line through it. And they of course won't allow me to add them to my slideshow.
  2. Joe Schmoe

    Roxio Slideshow/photoshow

    I'm a computer idiot and I apologize for that. I'm trying to make a slideshow with my Roxio Media Creator 10 which I have done with success in the past. But now for whatever reason it seems that only some of the pictures from my photo gallery will transfer and others will not. What has happened or how do I fix it. I have spent many many hours scanning, snipping and downloading pictures and I need some serious help. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Joe