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    No Audio With Ps4. Tv Or Records

    Yeah i think it might have been that. However i am realising now that. My tvs max resolution 1366x768 at 60ghz so the ps4 will automatically set my tv to 480p if i restart botg my tv and ps4 together with the roxio already hooked up. I rigged it so that i hook up my ps4 first switch it to 720p and then plug it into my roxio. That seems to work. I think its mostly a tv issue believe it or not.
  2. kriiptic

    No Audio With Ps4. Tv Or Records

    So i just bought an game cap hd pro. I hooked it up properly to my ps4 with hdmi cables, even turning off the hdcp thing. Firstly I get no audi through my TV or my recordings. The picture is perfect just no gameplay sound. Is there settings that i am missing on my ps4 or something? It should also be noted that after that i tried reconnecting my ps4 to my roxio and tv and it changed my ps4 to only display 480p.But i can fix that.