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  1. When I preview the slideshow production, the output is the way I want it. Upon burning to a DVD, some of the photos are missing. A black space appears with the captioning and soundtrack intact. I have a Toshiba PC and Windows 7. Any ideas how to correct this? I have used Roxio for years and never had this occur on previous productions. I have tried redoing the entire production three times under different file names with the same results.
  2. Recently installed Roxio Creator NXT. My desktop has an icon short cut of what looks like a black disk. It apparently is used to burn CD's etc. HOWEVER! it is annoying in that it constantly pops up every time I want to back-up data for such programs as Quicken, etc. Sometimes it even activates before I select any program. Very annoying. Why this? How to get rid of it without messing up my Creator otherwise.