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  1. Well, I got the KB on 1603 installer errors, but I was running into a bunch of problems with that routine (mainly locked out files I was trying to take ownership). Since this computer in question is my "play" computer and does not have valuable information to keep, I did a clean install of the OS, got it all updated and then put the Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning software back to work. Everything is great now. The OS on this old machine has been in place for 8 years or so, so it was time to freshen it up a bit. It's a Dell Dimension 8300 running XP. It's hardware checked out good, but it did need an OS renewing. Thanks for offering your advice.
  2. For Brendon I have the same problem Dejay58.. I reinstalled directx 9c from microsoft website, turned off virus protection, copied install cd to hard drive and still have the directx roll back and failed installation Attached is the zip file from the last failed installation. See what is happening please.LogFile 15-03-09 22-15.zip
  3. Windows Event log has this entry in the service control manager "Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 14 service terminated with the following error: The class is configured to run as a security id different from the caller" What is this all about? Roxio is installed at the time but not running. Have not had any problems with it otherwise.