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    Burned Dvd Is "flickery"

    I have tried that (and about 234873856 different things). The original video is 1920x1080, and we got it to work perfectly well when we had access to iDVD. The whole video is just a slideshow with slow pans and some motion graphics, and really, really, high quality images, if that makes any difference.
  2. tcagraphics

    Burned Dvd Is "flickery"

    So I have a large (12G) .mov file that I am trying to burn onto a DVD to be played in a PS3. I go through Toast and get it all set up, Toast burns the DVD, and when I play it, it's all "flickery" and seems to jump, like skipping frames or something. Any thoughts? I have tried playing the DVD on another player with the same problems so I know it's not the PS3.