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  1. I don't know why I keep trying. Since Yosemite and now El Capitan I have not once succeeded in burning a single DVD without some kind of problem turning up with either the creation process (freezing) or the final product itself - jittery video, audio not matching picture, not completing the burn because of an error. Even tried a competitor (DVD Creator) and got the same results so Toast isn't alone. I have a feeling as the use of DVD diminishes so does the software to create them receive less attention. No question - just letting off stream. What does always work however is creation of a data disk. Never had problems with that. I can't speak about music because I usually end up making music CDs from iTunes since I am there anyway. If anyone knows of a full-proof DVD creator/burner I would be happy to give it a try. In the past Toast was always the reliable one!
  2. OldLehrer

    Toast 12 Not Compatible With Yosemite

    Just to be clear - I can open Toast and move about all the menus and tabs. I have tried only ONE thing since installing Yosemite and that was the disk burn of four files mentioned above. I tried that twice (with disk and disk image) and it failed in a strange way (explained above). I cannot comment on other things because I haven't used Toast for anything else since then, assuming (maybe falsely) that I would encounter problems. I will try my luck with a data disk today and see what happens. Just don't like wasting disks which is why I hesitate. But if it seems to work on other computers then maybe mine does have some unique extra. I have used Toast for what seems eons and admit that this is the first problem of this degree I have come across, which is why I am surprised. Always found it to be a very stable product.
  3. OldLehrer

    Toast 12 Not Compatible With Yosemite

    I had tried trashing preferences etc. early on but unfortunately continued to get the same results. Guess I shall just wait (impatiently) for a Yosemite patch.
  4. OldLehrer

    Toast 12 Not Compatible With Yosemite

    True - I tried to burn a DVD containing four brief videos (all .mpg) using "spotlights" as my menu choice but I could only get it to burn the middle two videos, plus the menu page defaulted to "splash". Repeated with a disk image and got the same results. I hope this can be corrected soon. Toast is about (was about) the only reliable DVD tool for Mac and there are still some of us who depend on it a lot. I did finally make a successful burn using Adobe Premiere Elements 13 but it pales in comparison to Toast.
  5. OldLehrer

    Pal Vs. Ntsc - Disk Burning

    Thanks for the good advice - I never noticed the disk image command under Utilities before, after all these years. But I do make disk images of all my disks first (which I keep as backups) and burn from them. I shall definitely give it a try. Right now I have been importing the PAL formatted clips into Adobe Premiere Elements and then exporting them out as NTSC mpg files. Most of my clips usually arrive with an mp4 file extension and these have to be reformatted into almost anything else before burning unless you want to tie up your computer for a day. The now unsupported Apple iDVD seems to handle a PAL & NTSC mix and produce an NTSC product at the end without any difficulty - but it doesn't fit a lot of clips onto a single DVD the way Toast can which is why I prefer the latter.
  6. OldLehrer

    Pal Vs. Ntsc - Disk Burning

    When burning a DVD with video clips originally formatted PAL, Toast seems to have no problem converting them to the NTSC standard. However if I have several clips which are mixed NTSC and PAL I get the following message: "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content. Are you sure you want to do this? Discs with mixed content may not play on all players." This makes me assume that the PAL clips will not not be reformatted if there are already NTSC files in the group. Is this so? If yes, is there a workaround to get all clips onto a single DVD that will play NTSC? Thank you.