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  1. Thank you i try those. But i just wanna ask why the stereo output thing matter ? becouse no one wants mono or did you mean "surround 5.1" vs stereo thing. thanks.
  2. The software's "adjust recording volume" is max (thats why i wrote max on red and arrow in the image) Ive tried different hdmi cables and different tv hdmi ports, And different games and this is loud game and the level is still that low. And the Roxio Game capture HD PRO is max level in the mixer too at the volume settings. But it doesent show any "signal level" but i hear the sound from my speakers. Photo is here. I hope i could find away fast to correct this issue. Thanks for helping!
  3. Thanks for answering but i have tried everything that there suggested. Please i need help!! its pointless to record gaming with low volume and i have to double my tv volume like 20 (before 10) to hear same volume so everytime i watch dvd or play game i have to take the Roxio GameCapture HD pro away -.- I appreciate all answers. :/
  4. So my problem is that when i but my roxio gamecapture hd pro between my xbox 360s and tv and computer with usb. Everything works fine but the volume is so #$^@ low and the tv's (game) volume turns also low so that cant be recorded. What can i do? i searched internet like a 4 days and didnt find anything. Please help