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  1. Yes I do already have the software but I just purchased the 24 bit sound card and haven't tried it with this software yet. I have had nothing but problems with the software that was bundled with the sound card so I was wondering if anybody had tried it with this yet. I am just moving my large LP collection to CD for easier playback. I will let you know if/how it works out.
  2. ​​I want to know if this software will work with a 24 bit Sound Card and actually copy/digitize my old LP's in 24 bit. I would like to use the editor with this because it works pretty well and burn to disc also, if it will work in true 24 bit.
  3. Brendon, Just wanted to run this by you and maybe could help solve, I don't know. What I did was uninstall and unplug both of my drives after installing 6 again. I then hooked up the master first and 6 allowed me to run the system test on it but still didn't recognize it by name. I then hooked up the second (slave) drive and did the same, it allowed me to run the system test on it also (wouldn't let me run the tests before) but still not naming the drives. I opened up the disc copier and still said no supported drives. When I open up Creator Classic it still showed no default recorder but it did read a disc that I put in. When I tried to take files from that disc and put them into asession, the program locked up. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the info Brendon but it looks like I'm screwed. I've already upgraded to IE 8 on this computer, so I guess that kills the idea of loading Creator 5 on here. I just don't get it! I have 6 loaded on another computer with XP (in another location) and it works just fine with drives from the same time frame. For some reason these Memorex drives are not being recognized and it's driving me crazy! If you can come up with any other ideas let me know. I'm going to try a few things to see if it helps. Thanks for all your help with trying to solve my issue.
  5. Brendon, Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Your file ran perfectly but still didn't recognize them. Both drives are from the time of version 6, so I'm stumped as to why not seeing them. I do have version 5 (and 4) on other computers but not another version on this one I'm attempting to use 6 on. I'm having to jump back and forth and that's a big pain. Will version 5 work on XP? I've heard that it doesn't, so that's why I haven't installed it on this computer. I would really like for this to work, it would make my life SO much easier! Plus it's supposed to work on XP, right?! On one install attempt I got an error message about the updater couldn't load/run (something to that effect) Does that give any help? Hope you can come up with something. Thanks again for all the help your giving!
  6. Brendon, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. The file you gave me didn't work. I'm stumped! Both of my drives are Memorex. One is a 16x DVD Rom and the other is a DVD writer and they are both XP compatible. I have uninstalled/reinstalled it three times and still nothing. If you get a chance scratch your head (what I've been doing) and see if you can think of anything else. Thanks again for all your help so far!
  7. Brendon, thanks for all your help. I am going to try the downloaded file and see if that helps fix the problem. The drives are all Memorex (DVD player, CD writer and DVD writer) and all three worked in Creator 5 (that I still use along with Creator 4 which I LOVE!) I will let you know if this solves the problem. Thanks again for your time and help.
  8. I am not getting any error messages when I install. I believe the version is (what is on the CD key). XP does recognize the drives but when I install Creator 6 not only does the software not recognize the drives but the drives do not work correctly in Windows. I would have to open Windows Media Player for the drives to even recognize files on a disc. Once I uninstalled 6 they worked correctly again. They are both XP compatible and the drivers are the most current.
  9. Everytime I attempt to load Creator 6 back onto my hard drive it will not recognize my 2 drives, both player and writer. I am running Windows XP SP3 and I've tried to reinstall it about a half dozen times. Will not let me run system tests on drives or copy anything. HELP!