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    Videowave Gripes

    It's basically unusable for me and here are the major problems I have with it: 1. Audio that isn't specifically linked to a piece of footage ALWAYS desyncs. 2. Trying to actually link audio to the footage usually results in it coming out completely wrong, for example a 3 second piece of music being only 10 frames long. 3. The software always crashes and/or runs really slow (even on a 6-core pc with 8gb ram) to the point that I can go away and make a cup of tea and then drink it before it has loaded. 4. Barely any codecs of .mp4 footage is accepted. I know that this is specifically for xbox footage of that codec but what if I actually want to put in another clip in from YouTube and didn't know about codecs? If there are any fixes to any of these please let me know because they having been making me smash my head on my desk for a while now. Also if anyone knows how to record footage and audio at the same time while using the device could you let me know. It's a real pain otherwise due to the afore mentioned audio desyncing.
  2. TheQwertyGamerHub

    Lost All Projects After Update

    Ah, thankyou very much for your help! I set my files to save in videos but they must've been moved after the update, thanks!
  3. TheQwertyGamerHub

    Lost All Projects After Update

    I mean all of the .dmsm files which contain my edited productions which I then export and upload to youtube separately. I have a print screen that I will attach below. In the image provided all of my productions should show up as this is where I saved them all however I can no longer access them. I could access my most recent production but also lost access to that after creating another production after encountering this issue.
  4. TheQwertyGamerHub

    Lost All Projects After Update

    I recently installed the most recent software update for the roxio game capture hd pro and cannot seem to find any of my projects. Before the update I couldn't view the projects in windows explorer but could in the roxio file browser however now I cannot find them anywhere using either file browser. I would greatly appreciate if you could remedy this problem asap as I was hoping to stick to my youtube schedule of 1 video a week at least. Many Thanks The Qwerty-Gamer Hub