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    2 Monitor Via Dvi + Roxio Via Hdmi

    Hello again... solution: Monitor #1 via DVI to graphic card Monitor #2 via DVI to ONBOARD graphic card RGC via HDMI to graphic card clone Monitor #1 with RGC and Monitor #2 as desctop extension for Monitor #1 (right click -> desctop screen resolutions
  2. Nirophim

    2 Monitor Via Dvi + Roxio Via Hdmi

    Ok thanks, I took the easiest way: hdmi cable below of the RGC and above of RGC the monitor. The problem is, so I have asked about the possibility (see first post): that the colors are slightly shifted, especially to see in the writings. See pics, i can not make screenshots because you can not see that problem on it.
  3. Greetings from Germany at all! first of all my system: Intel Core i5 @3.40GHz Radeon HD 7800 Series, PCI Express 2.0 x16 with 1024 MB GDDR 5 with 2x DVI and 1x HDMI connections 8 GB Win 8.1 x64 various HDD's /SSD's my problem is: I connected 2 monitors via DVI with my graphic card and connected "Roxio Game Capture HD Pro" via HDMI. (HDMI cable is connected below to Roxio, above is nothing connected) Is it possible to duplicate for example Monitor 1 screen with Roxio, So that the signal is captured from the screen 1 through Roxio? In short, it is possible to use two screens simultaneously and Roxio? :-D monitor #1 for playing, monitor #2 for desctop and another stuff AND capture monitor #1 with Roxio! Desctop properties -> screen resolutions, I have all tried without success :-( Thanks!!! Danke and Aufwiedersehen! ;-)