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  1. Luckless Zombie

    Can't Upload Captured Content

    Its fine, I fixed the problem. Got an Elgato HD60, no more problems. Thanks for trying anyhow
  2. Luckless Zombie

    Can't Upload Captured Content

    In the media selector, if I go to a folder with an M2TS file, it crashes. I did try the drag and drop, and it did not work, it crashed it as well. I don't know when the PC settings could have changed, I was editing a video when this first happened, then after finishing, went to edit another video captured amd then BAM, no more videowave.
  3. Luckless Zombie

    Can't Upload Captured Content

    Did it, word for word, still no dice. Pre SP2, no problems, post SP2 it wont upload M2TS into the editor, and if I look at a folder with an M2TS file, it crashes as well. When I capture the videos, it also wont let me see them, just an hour glass.
  4. Luckless Zombie

    Can't Upload Captured Content

    So I performed the test, and used different file types. AVI, MP4, and M2TS(From the GameCap) Checking the properties for each one, the only difference between them is that even trying to look in a folder with an M2TS file crashes video wave, copy and paste doesn't work, drag and drop doesn't work. I can upload and edit MP4 and AVI fine. It has been unistalled and reinstalled multiple times, run in various compatibility modes. I am all out of ideas, and repair is still not functioning. I have browsed and selected every file on the disc. All drivers and software is up to date as well. Any other ideas? RGC_Log_1232015_0.txt RGC_Log_1232015_1.txt
  5. Luckless Zombie

    Can't Upload Captured Content

    Hello, I am running into a real issue here. Previously after upgrading to SP2, I had no issues. But I recently reformatted my harddrive, and upon reinstalling Roxio's programs, and SP2 in particular, it captures like a charm but will not load the captured content into videowave. I can load up previously RENDERED projects. If I even open a folder containing M2TS, videowave crashes. I have attempted multiple repairs, but the repair will not complete, it insists that whichever path I have chosen doesn't contain the necessary folders. That does not make sense as I am doing it from the disc itself. Firewall/av/malware/spyware, all off and still nothing. My Laptop specs are well within parameters, as I said, I had no problems prior. If I do not upgrade to SP2, then I can utilize the content, however after loading the content into videowave, and even after render, it becomes blurry and jittery. Contacting actual roxio support seems nearly impossible so i am hoping to receive some sort of assistance here. Thanks in advance! RGC_Log_1232015_0.txt
  6. Hello, Another individual has lost his cd, and is disappointed at the fact that there is no way to digitally re-download the software. See my computer crashed, and required a factory reset, at which point everything has been lost. I have searched and searched, and nowhere can I find it for download. Support has been non existent, the "Chat" box is still waiting for a rep, and you can't simply email them as you need a support code for whatever reason. Never have I seen such poor customer service, and such a lack of options for users who have had issues that will no doubt arise. I am curious if ANYONE has managed to find an easy fix that doesn't require jumping through flaming rings of feces? If not, I ask, is it really worth it to keep up with this device, as I have since the days of the plain game capture, or should I go with another?
  7. Luckless Zombie

    Won't Render After Trimming

    I did everything the same, and then added and removed some color corrections and then it rendered perfectly. Weird, hopefully it won't happen with my future productions! On a positive note, this patch has made it run much smoother, for em at least, during big edits!
  8. My problem I am encountering is after upgrading to the latest service pack, my videos won't render once they are trimmed. I have tried rendering un-cut videos and they work like a charm, but once I trim it (or make any edits) and try to render, the preview screen is black and the timer stays at "0 out of "X" minutes Rendered." My Bios and drivers are all up to date as well. I also tried switching between using hardware and software, and nothing came of it. Prior to this update I had no problems editing and rendering.