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  1. I was wrong again, I have done everything possible to get my DVD to play on all set tops but this sony DVP - SR210P is a mug ...
  2. OMG Digital Guru we are finally making ground on this forum! Newbie Trev Wilson, it has a lot to do with the clients DVD player and like Guru said "DVD" I have been using the "printable memorex DVD's" I have an older program on my Toshiba that normally gets the job done and enables me to burn the DVD for play on all set top DVD's but after reading dozens of reviews about my Sony DVP SR210p I have come to the conclusion that the DVD player plays a large part in why the DVD may not be working correctly.
  3. Well after the dvd's playing back in PAL and NSTC on my Xbox 360, I am convince it is not the program, but the DVD players that my clients use to watch the movies on ...
  4. Well I am glad that helped you, but it is still not helping me, I burned to disc one on PAL and the other NTSC and still nothing happen, they both read not readable on my stand alone dvd player. I have a program called convert to any dvd that works extremely well with my movies that I burn on my macbook, but that's another story, my issue is with Roxio and why it is not recording my movies to the dvd's like it is suppose too?
  5. Hi I just purchased toast 12 titanium last weekend and so far I have not been able to burn a playable dvd that will work on my personal dvd player at home. I can use the disc in my xbox, macbook, and PC, but I keep getting a "Disc Error Message" in my personal DVD player, can someone please help me solve this mystery, I am using the settings they informed us to use in the tutorials and I am still not able to produce the DVDs I had hoped for.