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    Photo Suite Email Photographs

    Thanks your note. Immediately went to Microsoft site and found KB918766 ( this change had not been picked up by regular visits to the Microsoft Update site verified by my update history. Clicked on Download as ordered and got a file onto my desktop, clicked Run and the Windows Installation Wizard went through the process and told me that an update had been made. Checked the Microsoft update history only to find that there was no record of an update. An icon is on my Desktop. Went to ROXIO Photosuite and clicked Email Assistant and tried the process described in my email to Roxio Support. The same inability to make a connection has occured and there is no chance of my being able to send photos by email. Quite where I go from here I do not know as both elements of Microsoft and Roxio are quite incompatible. You may have been successful in your download update but I cannot see where I have gone wrong, if indeed I have. Any help on a step by step basis would be useful. My system is subjected to a weekly Check Disc and Norton virus scans and updates are regularly updated from Microsoft on a regular basis. If you can help I should be pleased to hear from you. 1TeSS5
  2. victor99

    Photo Suite Email Photographs

    Thanks. I have selected an address entry from address book and pressed enter, this does not work as the program does not respond. Have also typed the name in address book but this does not respond. The Outlook Express screen has FROM: Sender Unspecified. TO: no name SUBJECT : (no subject). Clicking onto either of these 3 fields does not effect any change since the cursor is there but does not respond either to attempts to type or deletion of characters by backspace delete. Looks like a referral to Roxio with a slender hope of help other than the habitual uninstall and reinstall! Thanks your interest and help. 1TeSS5
  3. victor99

    Photo Suite Email Photographs

    REPLY Thanks your help. I have updated and still have the same result so it is back to the drawing board! How do I hard code the recipients name?
  4. victor99

    Change size of CD case inserts

    Dear Tbrewst, All 4 standard slimline case inserts are sized at 13.8 centimetres by 12.9 centimetres at the Commercial Paper setting. The Memorex slimline cases which I have are sized at 14.1 by 12.9 (external size of case). The measurements for the inside front cover (the only place where details can go) are 12.2 by 12.2, the space is limited as there are 2 "runners" at 0.4 cms and 1.3 cms which would get in the way of the card. I do not use commercial cards but use plain white stationery cards to print on. Calibrate is rejected as not being available, due I think ,to the fact that the Roxio system will not allow the basic measurements to be altered. The Ruler in Label Creator is just there as an unalterable guide. The standard CD case inserts which I produce also have to altered to fit the case since the inserts I produce using the outline box checked are not the right size at all. In an ideal world you should be able to fit the final product without any trouble but we are talking of the Roxio world! The answer seems to be to go back to the box cutters etc. regards Barry. Dear Sknis, Thanks your reply. I use Label Creator with slim line case selected. Commercial Paper and printed outlines selected. Printed slim line case sizes are 13.8cms by 12.9cms for all 4 types ie AVERY 8954 etc. My Memorex slim cases are sized at 14.1 by 12.9 cms with the effective inside front cover area for the case insert being 12.2 by 12.2 cms. Selecting calibration does not work as the Roxio programme looks as it is set for a fixed (unalterable) production. Thanks for getting in touch. Back to the box cutters! Standard CD case inserts have the same size problem and have to be extensively trimmed to fit. I may be doing something wrong but I cannot see just what it is. perhaps the red mist is obscuring the view! regards, Barry
  5. victor99

    Change size of CD case inserts

    Am unable to change the sizes of slim case inserts. How does one change the vertical and horizontal measurements to print labels which fit the case? I know that scissors can be used but that is not the object of the exercise! Any help will be appreciated. Barry in Hardy Country
  6. victor99

    Change size of CD case inserts

    Daithi, Thanks for your advice. I have changed as you suggest. Regards, Barry
  7. victor99

    Invalid field in CDB

    Using Sound Editor to burn discs I have had 2 rejected in the process with the following report: Invalid field in CDB-illegal request E:slimtype DVDRWSOSRW-852S("invalid field in CDB-illegalrequest"[05/24/00]) Unable to find an explanation of this in Roxio Help. In the absence of the software manufacturer providing any assistance for its product can anyone help if they have come across this problem? Input from Roxio most welcome. Barry in Hardy Country
  8. victor99

    Invalid field in CDB

    Dave, Thanks for your note. Learning all the time. I have found a list of the error numbers and have tried the corrective action for my drive and it seems to have worked. Fingers crossed, of course. Regards, Barry Dear Guru, Have found the error reports and that of CDB and have gone through some of the steps and lo all is well! Grateful for your help. Back to the burner! Regards, Barry
  9. victor99

    Invalid field in CDB

    Thanks for your advice. Will check the site as you suggest. My recording media is clean etc so the problem may be in the drive itself. Regards, Barry
  10. Sound Editor used to burn discs. Click Burn Audio CD. Create Settings click OK. Click Burn . Burn Setup says Insert Disc. Disc Inserted. Message 1 CDR needed. (There is of course a brand new one in the drive!). Check driver Troubleshoot message CD Drive working properly. Can anyone help? Until last night have produced discs without a problem. Recordable media is HHB CDR80 (none better!) Barry in Hardy Country
  11. victor99

    Creator 8 Failure to recognise recordable media

    Ivan, The track details are there but when I play some of the CDs which have the same details I can get no sound. Playing through my HiFi and Windows Media I get no sound. I can only think that the file became corrupted as when I was creating a 2nd CD in Sound Editor halfway through the recording process stopped an there was a message to the effect thaat there was a write error on the disc. Your tip about Disc Info was great. I have deleted the offending file, an early stereo broadcast from 1954, and will try some other files - when my blood pressure is down. Thanks for help Barry
  12. Since Jan 2006 I have used Easy Audio Capture and LP/Tape Assistant to create CDs via my laptop. Weekly Check Disc and Norton Security sweeps and Windows updates were done. In early March clicking on Record in Easy Audio capture did not work with the button changing to Pause and the Recording Time and record Time left buttons staying Black and not changing to Red, as they do when working properly. All connections were live and nothing was muted. System Restore was done and everything seemed fine with a Cd being completed. On 22/3/2006 I set my system, using EdirolUSB Sound card (which has been used successfully since Jan06), and made a test recording fron the radio. My unused D Drive capacity (where the recording was stored) 35BG or about 55hours free space. The recording time was155 mins. The trial recording of 16 mins was OK. Switched off and switched on again just before programme transmission time of 7pm GMT. Clicked Red Record and it changed to Pause and the Recording time figures stayed Black. Hovering the mouse changed the button to Red but clicking only produced Pause and so on. I have done Defrag and Chck Disc with no change. Luckily I was able to get my DAT machine recording in time. System Uninstall and Restore have been done in the past. I must stress that the system had recorded and then failed with no changes being made. Do I have a friday software problem? If any one could help (Roxio perhaps?) I should be grateful. Barry from Hardy Country.
  13. I have a failure to record to my hard disc using EMC8. Easy Audio Capture screen is selected with all settings entered. I click on the red "Record" button and the square changes to "Pause" and the following entries are unchanged, in black: Time Recorded:Time left on drive:Time left to record. Moving the mouse away from Pause merely changes the square back to "Record". Click on record again and the same process happens. LP and Tape Assistant Screen 1 Again click on "Record" changes the box to "Pause" move the mouse away from the box and we get the Record" option again. Today is Saturday and I last used the Easy Audio Capture facility on Monday with great success. No changes have been made and I now have a function which refuses to co operate. Has any one had this problem and how have you overcome it? Any help in restoring my sanity would be welcome! Barry from Thomas Hardy country.
  14. victor99

    Capture Audio From Sound Card/lp Tape Assistant

    Dear SKNIS, Thanks your help. The culprit was a Norton update. System restore back to a pre update time showed that the Audio Capture was working OK. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction and its now back to work! Regards, Barry
  15. victor99

    Emc 8 Label Creation

    Can anyone help with an editing problem with Label Creator on EMC8? Template for the back cover comes up with Artist and Work on the spine. Inevitably after clicking on Artist or Work the Object Guides are not aligned with the Template when you move the Object to align with the Template a double entry appears, if you right click the Edit (to enter text) the text appears as a "ghost" entry. Clearly you cannot print this out as it is unclear, not to say messy! Is there a way of aligning the boxes without incurring this problem? Barry from Thomas Hardy country.
  16. A proud new owner of EMC 8 and baffled by label and jewel case Roxio Label Creator which gives every possible assistance short of actual help. How do you create and print spine text for the CD box. No mention of this is made in the drop down selection list. The programme seems skewed to people who wish to download CD track information from Gracenote CDDB, what about a quick track listing creation facility for those of us who create their own non commercial CD's? To me it looks as though you go into Text Edit time and again to enter track details for the jewel case inserts. Please help the aged! Barry from Thomas Hardy country.
  17. victor99

    Print Jewel Case Spine Titles (back Of Cd Case)

    Thanks for your help. Barry