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  1. 56 passes should be more than enough. Next do a check on your hard drive. Tell me about the overheating issue.


    Also, you said in your first post that you were unable to use "Fix and Enhance". Is that this freeware program?


    Regardless, it seems to be a system issue and you will need to fix it. Here are some options from Microsoft. If you have problems with other programs besides those from Sonic/Roxio, perhaps it is time to reinstall your operating system.


    27 April 2010


    Thanks for your reply.

    1 Relieved that 56 passes might be enough. I was planning to expose the system to a prolonged test over the coming holiday weekend.

    2 I shall download one of the free hard drive testers ( Seagate Seatools ) and give that a go.

    3 The Fix and Enhance was not a free program but the Fix and Enhance Photos subset of EMC8 Photos (part of the Photosuite application).

    4 The overheating was caused, I think, by the room temperature and possibly the proximity of items near the outlet fan which when I was running the Windows Diagnostic Tool would cut out without warning. This has happened once before last year when programmes would stop without warning. When I ran the 56 passes I put my laptop on raised "chocks" to improve the airflow this worked fine and the laptop ran cool.

    5 I looked at the error 0xc0000005 on the windows site and my interpretation is that some outside event caused a conflict with Windows. I think that the event is associated with Roxio hence Windows refusal to work the Photosuite element of EMC8. I had checked into Sound Editor at the same time and that worked OK without conflict generating an error message.

    6 Windows has always had an uneasy relationship with Roxio right from the time I first installed the program some 5 years ago ( since then it has been uninstalled/installed countless times in response to trouble).

    7 My other programs work fine.

    8 I take the point about reinstalling the operating system and I had that done on 1st April 2010, using the Windows System discs, by an outside specialist. I installed Roxio EMC8 on 2nd April 2010 and it was then that my Media Import and Photo problems started. My response to that was to uninstall Roxio and to look at creating a clean sheet firstly by using System Restore. System Restore will not work to the dates I selected and so I went to sort out the problem by looking a things with your help (Smart Defrag,Revo Uninstaller).

    9 Sorry about inflicting War and Peace on you (above)! However I shall try the hard drive test you suggest and let you know how things stand.



  2. Let me get this straight. You are using a menory tester and your computer crashes. You have surmised that the memory is OK. Two passes won't do it; I told you that the built in Windows memory tester only did two passes and that was not enough.


    Have you tested your hard drive? Sometimes bad sectors are not marked but will screw up all kinds of things especially programs. The computer will seem to write to a bad sector but it can't get the information back. I learnerd that through experience.


    Have fun trying other things. I think you arer beating your head against a wall.


    Monday 26th April 2010


    As a common courtesy I am bringing you further uptodate with the effect of your suggestions. My earlier attempts to use the diagnostic tool foundered due to overheating, hence my report "in progress". Yesterday I ran the tester as follows:

    Start 12 noon Finish 2210hrs. 56 Passes. At the time of switchoff there were no reported errors. Since there were no summary reports I shall return and expose the memory to an even longer regime.



  3. Victor,


    Did you do a deep scan of your system to see if there was any malware?


    No need to do a registry clean; you may end up with more problems. You should do a defragment and junk file clean up. Use tools from here.


    If you want to uninstall and reinstall, go to the link in this post and download and run REVO UNINSTALLER in the Moderate Mode. Do not use the deep clean. Delete everything Roxio that

    Revo finds in the Moderate mode.


    You have to consider that you may also have the memory error. You can also scan for a memory tester. The one built into Windows is not very good. You will have to follow the directions to burn (not copy) the ISO image to a CD and run that for several hours or overnight to stress the memory..


    This is a follow up to my previous reply. I have downloaded Smart Defrag (and defragmented) and Revo Uninstaller ( 7 files located - with nothing on them- and deleted) as well as Windows Memory Test.


    I have run Memory Test making at least 2 passes with no errors found. I say at least 2 because my machine closed down. Further attempts to run the diagnostic tool cut out very early on and so I have decided that the memory is OK.


    Tomorrow I shall reinstall EMC8 without being able to do a System Restore as I cannot enable that to work.

    Thanks for your advice.



  4. Victor,


    Did you do a deep scan of your system to see if there was any malware?


    No need to do a registry clean; you may end up with more problems. You should do a defragment and junk file clean up. Use tools from here.


    If you want to uninstall and reinstall, go to the link in this post and download and run REVO UNINSTALLER in the Moderate Mode. Do not use the deep clean. Delete everything Roxio that

    Revo finds in the Moderate mode.


    You have to consider that you may also have the memory error. You can also scan for a memory tester. The one built into Windows is not very good. You will have to follow the directions to burn (not copy) the ISO image to a CD and run that for several hours or overnight to stress the memory..



    Thanks for your post. I run a Norton Quick Scan daily on log on and log off as well as a Norton Full System scan on a weekly basis. I run Windows Disc clean up almost daily to get rid of old files.


    I had my Windows XP reinstalled on 1/4/10 and loaded Roxio in on 7/4/10 and problems started around Media Import and Photo Fix and Enhance from then on. I have uninstalled Roxio EMC 8 and this morning I tried my solution of using System Restore (thinking that if I went back to a pre Roxio installation date of 7/4/2010 I might get rid of Error Code 0xc0000005). I tried 1/4/2010 (system restore did not function) and then 4/4/2010 (same result as 1/4/2010) and then 7/4/2010 (again same result as 1/4 and 4/4).


    I appreciate your help in providing the links to tools (especially as they come with the magic word "free"!) and I shall have a go with them. In the meantime Roxio is firmly locked away in its box waiting to be installed later.


    As my Acer 1670 is about 5 years old I may have memory problems as you suggest and I shall try that as well.


    Regards and thanks,



  5. Google for the error. I found references to memory going bad and possibly malware infection. Seems like it may be Windows related rather than PhotoSuite software related. This article gives several possible fixes.


    Have you run a registry clean recently?


    Thanks for your reply. I have carried out the DEP changes from the website and tried to run Photo Fix and Enhance but have had the same error message (0xc0000005). Additionally have had Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - runtime library when running Media Import. I shall uninstall/reinstall Roxio EMC 8 again. I have not done a registry clean (Defragment?) as I do not have a specialist programme for that. Currently my system says that I do not need to defragment.


    I shall let you know how the uninstall etc goes. I shall also try system restore just in case trouble has crept in via EMC8.


    Victor 99

  6. Attempts to use Fix and Enhance are blocked with an error code 0xc0000005. I have uninstalled and reinstalled EMC 8 with Norton Security suspended during the process but I get the same result on that subset of Photo. Internet Explorer is version 6. Roxio Support say that as it is a "Legacy" product they are not interested in helping. Has anyone out there had a similar situation and has been able to overcome the problem? Any help gratefully welcomed.

  7. Where you save your files is the important thing - both what you capture and all temporary files while the system is encoding/reincoding. An external NTFS hard drive should be OK.


    I'm not sure of what you mean by browse and not working.

    Dear Steve,

    The "Browse" function I have found a stumbling block in trying to allocate alternate hard drive partitions, although I may have stumbled on the way "Browse" works this afternoon. Help does not describe how you get it to work. media Import in File Locations has the chance to change when Modify is selected. The default setting is:

    Video C:\Documents and Settings\My name\My Documents\My Videos and the change was to select D Drive due to space considerations. Since FAT 32 imposes a 4GB file limit the alternative is either to reformat or use external storage in NTFS to save greater file sizes (hopefully without limit). I have run a trial with a USB device just to see how the connections work without creating any data. The file location is shown as: G:\ . I have tried to allocate the file path (see default setting above for Drive C) without success. I now think that Rename Files from Captured Videos to descriptions such as Joe Bloggs1,Joe Bloggs2 is the only way to see what you have when you open the external device

    to select a task to work on. This may be confused but I would like an opinion as to whether I am on the right track before getting an external device. In the meantime the weight of substantial VCR file for transfer adds its own pressure.



  8. Is your hard drive formatted as FAT or NTSC? That 4 g limit is typical of FAT file limitations.

    To convert from FAT to NTSC

    Just a follow up to my earlier reply. Would an external hard drive (formatted in NTFS) solve the problem even though the laptop hard drives are in FAT or FAT32 configuration? If so this would enable the external hard drive to be selected through "Browse" which is an additional challenge as I have never got it to work! Could you advise further?


  9. Both Hard Drive partitions are FAT32. Thanks for the link in your reply so that I can assess NTFS. The theory of an easy conversion from FAT32 to NTFS leads me to be cautious, there may be large dragons in the woods! If the 4GB limit applies for FAT32 I might just have to bite on the bullet.

    Grateful for your help.

    with best wishes,


  10. We can't fix hardware, or software & drivers from another manufacture…


    Nothing wrong with the Roxio end but you will have to contact your HW manufacture for help with their device.


    Let us know how you make out!

    I will, but first I have been through the process again and I find that both files which came to a halt with the message "capture device has been lost" are of an identical size, namely 3.99GB. Since Media Import has no means of flagging up the intended length of the captured material, unlike the audio facility which allows you to set capture lengths, is Media Import applying some arbitrary block bearing in mind the 4.7GB size of a DVD disc? If so how can this be changed to reflect the possibility of using Dual Layer DVD's in the DVD Burning process?


    I shall look at the hardware route as you suggest but I think that Roxio software still has some legs for this particular problem.


    I shall have another go at Media Import as my Device Manager says that there are no problems with the USB capture device.




  11. What is "Ulead Easy Capture"? I cannot find such a product.

    What do you mean the "USB device" had closed down?

    Where does your system say you have Videowave 7?

    Dear Jim,

    Thanks your reply. 1) USB device is EasyCap USB 2.0 Video Adaptor wit Audio. Model No DC60+ bundled with software Ulead Video Studio 10 SE DVD. It appears on my desktop as Ulead hence my loose referral which did not help you.

    2) The power light was not on the USB EasyCap after some 60 minutes, and there was a message (the exact wording I do not recall) to the effect that there was no input signal.


    3) Videowave 7 appears as follows:


    My Documents > My Videos >Open > All Video files are displayed including the one which cannot be located by MY Media > Select required file > Open then Open With (following display appears :-


    a) Windows Media Player

    B) VideoWave 7

    c) Ulead Video Studio

    d) My DVD8

    Choose Program

    Home/Applications/Videowave brings up screen headed Videowave 8. Regards,Barry

  12. Will it open in Ulead?

    Dear Jim,

    Yes it will but not without some difficulty. There may be a file problem viz: If I look on my C drive/Doc & Settings/Me/My Docs/My Videos all videos are there 8.51 GB in total. If I look in My Media and click on All Videos the file which I can open in Ulead is not available for Videowave. I can play the file from C Drive(file progression above) in Windows Media. So my system knows that the file is there for some applications but not others.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Barry

  13. With updated video drivers I have attempted to copy from VCR using Media Import (Video). Am using Ulead Easy Capture. Settings changed to Input:Composite,Audio:USB EMP Audio Device,Input:Microphone(only option available).Quality Setting:General Purpose editing,best quality (MPG2 720 x 576).TWAIN option set to :FILE.


    Test recording made which opens in Videowave. Started recording process and after an hour had a report that USB device had closed down. I tried to open the hour long VCR file but the recording was flagged as being incompatible with Videowave. Incidentally am using EMC8 which says that I have Videowave 8 but my system says that I have Videowave 7. i looked at the Properties of the two recordings and they are shown as MPEG2 -Video Clip. Question is why can I look at one file in Videowave and not the other?


    Any help gratefully received!

  14. Dear Grandpa,

    Thanks for your advice. Have taken steps to get the video drivers updated. Perhaps that lack also explains the great time things take when I am adding chapters and chapter titles etc.



    Dear Grandpa Bruce

    Following my earlier post I have had my drivers updated as you suggested. All now works! Thanks for your insight and help.



  15. Finally, after a traumatic 2 months trying to produce a DVD, the moment of truth came when I activated Preview. Guess what nothing happened! Details of Chapters, and their titles appeared in the Project View, and so I expected to see details of the film in the Preview Pane. All that appeared was inky blackness. The DVD Controls pane would not work. Roxio EMC 8 For Dummies (Pages 320 to 322) makes sound so easy! My project does not want to let me see it. How, folks, to I get to get this to work before I go to burn? I uninstalled/installed Roxio EMC 8 so we are working from a clean slate. My hard drives have been defragged so all should be well. Over a period of weeks the system has frozen and messages have appeared saying that Videowave has encountered a problem. I had hoped that Uninstalled etc would have solved the problem. Can anyone help? Needless to say the Help facility does not solve this problem- nothing new there then.

  16. Do you have an external drive?


    That error is a MS one and usually means 'device not configured correctly'


    Check here

    Thanks your reply. Yes, I have Edirol UA-1EX. This had worked OK getting sounds into Sound Editor but I could not get sounds out. Under instruction from Edirol tech staff I changed the driver switch to a different setting, this enabled me to get internet radio out to a DAT machine but when going into Sound Editor I got the error and again when using LP Tape Assistant ( both functions had used the UA-1EX). This am I downloaded a new updated version of the driver having uninstalled the UA-1EX. The re installation did not go as Edirol said it would so I used the Windows installation wizard and got the system to accept it. Thus pleased that I might have cracked it I went into SE and got a code 10 error. I shall leave things for a few days and try again, Microsoft and Roxio and now Edirol seem to have an uneasy relationship. Will keep you posted with the saga. Where did you get the Microsoft error code from? Regards, 1TeSS5


    Have just tried to use Sound Editor and have had a message to the effect that Windows has encountered a problem. The error message is Oxc0000094. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio EMC 8 as well as running Check Disc and restarting and have had the same message. So here we are with a system that says there is a problem but gives no help in solving the problem. Has anyone any idea of how to tackle this error code? I can find no mention of this code in any forum. Microsoft seem not to have any help on this subject either. Any help in this storm gratefully received.


  18. Sorry, I don't have any other suggestions for you two. I looked at the knowledge base and found these articles. I don't think any of them will be of help.


    A couple of questions, What screen resolution are you using and Windows dpi are you using? Label Creator sometimes works like a print-screen program so if the resolution is not set for the program or the DPI of the fonts is other than 96 dpi, it wouldn't work correctly in earlier versions.


    Have you updated the printer drivers recently? It is interesting that you can print the label one way but not the other even if the dimensions were off.


    Have you tried a Windows>Add/remove programs>repair on the program? When you do this make sure your anti-virus is turned off and you do the repair to a malware free and defragged hard drive.


    Perhaps someone else will have some additional suggestions. No one has so far so I don't have much hope.




    JayO - what is the error you are getting? It may not be the same as 1TeSS5.



    In label creator I have had numerous rejections quoting the above reference. I have been unable to get to and print past labels. I have uninstalled and installed Roxio. Any help would be appreciated. Barry in Hardy Country

    Thanks your last reply. I uninstalled and reinstalled my printer. Then went through the setup of printer and the problem vanished. I have no rational explanation for what happened. If we read in a few years that earth has had a reply from Mars we might deduce that the labels were sent into space! I hope that I do not recreate the problem. Thanks again for your help.



  19. Unfortunately there have been some other with the issue but not a clear solution. Do a search (top right of this page). If you get a message about not knowing how to use the feature, that's shorthand for try a different search term. :unsure:


    . At least one person got the files to open going directly from Windows. One of the gurus also volunteered to help if you can get the file to him. He will look at it to see if it the file or the program.

    Grateful your reply. Have made a range of searches but without success including your reply to Jedimasterk on 4/9/2006. His solution has not worked for me. I went back to the printer and looked at that, connections were open and ok. I checked printer properties and got the label printed by going to portrait rather than landscape but the sizes were all wrong. In the past when I opened up Label Creator I think that I used to get paper settings presented from the previous time, this does not happen now. In any event my brain is addled by frustration which I could well do without. I have contacted Roxio Support and have a ticket number so we wait and see. Your note about sending files is useful but I do not know how to achieve that. For this branch of rocket science I am in the Stone Age! Regards, Barry

  20. How "past" are the labels? Were they made with V8 or V9? If they are from a previous version "passed" on is the correct word.


    My Label Creator is part of Easy Media Creator 8. I had just finished creating a CD of the July 2007 Genesis London concert and had got the entire jewel case inserts ready for printing and going through the print sequence pressed Print when I got "An unknown error occurred while accessing an unamed file". Obviously this remark is neither useful nor ornamental! I have tried other labels I hold on record and I get the same report. This is all like trying to nail jelly to the wall and very frustrating. Roxanne has no information about this either. If you have a magic bullet for this problem I should be pleased to fire it for you.



  21. What is the name of the new icon that appears on your desktop? If it put an item on your desktop, it may have just downloaded the update, and not installed it.


    Keep in mind, according to Microsoft's article, you do have to edit the Registry to enable the Hotfix. If you have not edited the Registry following the instructions Microsoft has provided, the Hotfix likely will not work.


    As always, Back up the Registry before doing any editing, and be careful. Making incorrect changes to the registry can prevent your computer from starting properly, and is done at your own risk.


    Reply: Clicking on icon shows WindowsXP-KB918766-v2x86-ENU. The whole thing sounds like a major problem and perhaps not worth the effort given the implications of inexperienced meddling.



  22. This is an issue with Outlook Express. A fix that worked for me for this issue is found at




    Outlook Express isn't opening the saved .eml file we create properly.

    Thanks your note. Immediately went to Microsoft site and found KB918766 ( this change had not been picked up by regular visits to the Microsoft Update site verified by my update history. Clicked on Download as ordered and got a file onto my desktop, clicked Run and the Windows Installation Wizard went through the process and told me that an update had been made. Checked the Microsoft update history only to find that there was no record of an update. An icon is on my Desktop. Went to ROXIO Photosuite and clicked Email Assistant and tried the process described in my email to Roxio Support. The same inability to make a connection has occured and there is no chance of my being able to send photos by email. Quite where I go from here I do not know as both elements of Microsoft and Roxio are quite incompatible.


    You may have been successful in your download update but I cannot see where I have gone wrong, if indeed I have. Any help on a step by step basis would be useful. My system is subjected to a weekly Check Disc and Norton virus scans and updates are regularly updated from Microsoft on a regular basis.


    If you can help I should be pleased to hear from you.