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  1. Sure, I understand! Still, maybe there is some kind soul out there who knows something.... p.
  2. Hello. I just purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I am a pretty experienced PC user but I am a total newbie to video capture.The product in question works perfectly on my Windows 7 laptop. I realized that I can use the included USB converter (HU3192-E) also with programs such as VLC, and works perfectly fine too. I was thus wondering if I could connect the USB converter to my Ubuntu machine (xubuntu 13.10) and capture VHS output with VLC on it. I tried to insert it and no driver seems to be loaded for it even though the device is recognized. I searched for a while through Google, but I could not get to any conclusive result--not even to understand whether this is possible or not.... This is the closest to describe my situation: http://www.linuxtv.o...xioEasyVHStoDVD. Practically everything is identical to what described here, but I still do not understand whether it is supposed to work and/or how should I get it to work. Yet, the sentence "To make it work, some have to do modprobe..." seems to suggest that it can be made to work. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks, p.