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  1. Hmmm i might just turn in a document of suggested features that they should add from the community and me.
  2. Yea true :/ I heard HDVR's are better but i got roxio for its cheap price
  3. I very much agree what your saying but i feel like this is just a easier way,and i stated that it does not have to be a studio microphone,that it can be another headset,camera,anything that can record your voice is fine even your phone.
  4. Lots of people on the forums and almost everywhere are wondering "how can i record my voice and my party chat at the same time/live commentary " Well let me brake it down for you with sections and paragraphs.Please if you have any questions or any comments,post them after you read the post it will be appreciated thank you! Requirements -Roxio Game Capture (Can be pro or not don't matter) -A Headset (can be wireless or usb) -A microphone (MUST be a studio microphone such as what pewdiepie uses and or what music producers use to record people.I know it cost a lot but what you can use is another headset or camera to record your voice,anything that can do that is fine) -A voice recorder program(I suggested audacity but anything that can do the same is fine) Instructions Part 1 Set up your capture card and install the program that comes with the product.Then what you want to do is set up your studio microphone,plug that bad boy into your computer and your set.Also open up the Roxio Game Capture program and go to the capture screen.After you do that open up Audacity or what ever your using(Now if your using your camera or something else than a studio microphone then dont do this step).Next what you want to do is turn on your console (Xbox or Ps3) and follow these steps.... Xbox 360/Ps3 Instructions Xbox: (I don't have an Xbox so bare with me but I'm pretty sure you know what i mean when i write these steps,If not then search it up sorry) Go to your setting/options or where ever it allows you to change your chat output settings, now once your there set the output settings to TV not to your headset,This will allow you to hear your friends through your TV and not through your headset. Ps3: First go to the first tab in the Home screen right next to your profile selection tab named Settings.After that go down to where it says accessory settings click on that then in that menu click the Audio Device Settings and set your Output Device as your TV,And again this will allow you to hear your friends through your TV not through your headset. Instructions Part 2 After your done with putting your Audio Output to your TV,Make sure that you can hear other people through your TV and not through your headset,to do this go to a random lobby in any game that allows in-game voice chat and see if it works,if you cant hear other people talking through your TV then make sure you followed the steps correctly.Once your done with that go to your computer and press Capture on the roxio game capture program and also press record on the Audacity Program(Or any other program that you may be using or your camera).Once your done recording your gameplay press stop capture on your roxio game capture program and also the Audacity Program(Or your camera and or anything else your using).After done stopping your recording go ahead and open the editor that is provided with the Roxio Product,Once done open up the gameplay and don't forget to export the audio file off of Audacity and or anything else your using.Once done open up the folder that contains the audio file of your voice,the one you recorded with Audacity(If using a camera or anything else,plugin it in your computer and make sure to convert the file of your voice to mp3,You can use free file converters online,just look for them,there everywhere).When open to the containing folder of your audio file of your voice,drag the audio file into the editor or to make it easy open it up in the program and locate the file.Once done,in the editor program it will show as audio or music depends but make sure when editing that your audio file matches with the gameplay so when your done it wont sound like you late reacted if you know what i mean.After doing all those steps and your done editing,render the video and upload it to YouTube or where ever you want.Enjoy Please be sure to share this to other people that are trying to do live commentary with there capture card and be sure to comment on what you think thanks and Enjoy!