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    No Image On Dvi-Monitor (Ps4)

    It's just a DVI to HDMI cable. So I should get a hdmi to dvi converter that handles the HDCP from the device? It works fine with only the screen directly attached to PS4 (with the dvi to hdmi cable). I wonder if it would work if I get and DVI-apater to a HDMI-cable.
  2. tuomasbauer

    No Image On Dvi-Monitor (Ps4)

    Hello! I have trouble getting image on my Benq monitor. Setup is: From monitor to RGC: DVI to HDMI into the output of RGC From RGC to PS4: HDMI to HDMI from input of RGC I get image to the capturing software (HDCP disabled on PS4), but the image doesn't show up on my monitor screen. It works just fine on my old screen where there is a HDMI input, but not with my new monitor without HDMI input. Monitor is Benq Senseye 3 (Benq 27" GW2760 VA LED)